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New Radio Show Joins the Wave

By Jillian Mehta, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“The Shiver”  is a new alternative indie radio show hosted by sophomore art education major Jane Montalto and sophomore English education major Tori Monteleone. 

The co-hosts share a love for alternative music and love the chance to share it with listeners. 

“We call it like a show and tell of alternative music so I pick four songs, Tori picks four songs most of the time neither of us has heard the songs the other person picks so we talk about the songs,” Montalto said. “I’m obsessed with music so it’s kind of a cool way to talk about music uninterrupted.”

Monteleone came up with the name for the show when thinking about the university mascot.

“I thought of the shiver because shiver is the name of a group of sharks so like we’re the LIU sharks shiver and our music is so cool it’ll make you shiver,” Monteleone said. 

Montalto has a broad music taste. 

“I think it’s very all over the place, which is I say alternative. I like more indie rock, sometimes singer-songwriter folkie music but then I also like new wave stuff like I’m wearing my talking heads shirt today, so I like that kind of music too,” Montalto said.  

The pair includes a “Shiver Shout Out” to help viewers find new music during the show.

“Every week we also do the shiver shoutout so like I’ve been trying to find smaller artists and stuff like that to tell people about that’s a cool way to find new music and I joke that it’s music that like a person is gonna blow up and you can gatekeep your friends, like ‘oh I heard them when they only had 800 listeners on Spotify so,” Montalto said. 

The co-hosts recorded their first episode recently and recounted the experience. 

“It was nerve-wracking I’ll say that especially because you have to record a demo first and then the radio station listens to it then you go, so when we were recording our demo they only had one headphone jack so only Jane had headphones so I was just reacting because I couldn’t hear everything at once so it was more of trying to anticipate what was going on but I really think we hit our stride,” Monteleone said. 

Montalto shared Monteleone’s nerves, but quickly got the hang of things. 

“For me the first show, I do the board of stuff and the levels of audio, so it was definitely scary because like when you do the demo it was okay if I mess this up it’s fine we can just start over and we can do it again but when it’s a live show you’re you just have to keep going. It’s still a learning curve for me because even last week’s episode I accidentally forgot to pause the music and turned back the computer audio and you could hear the next start for a second while Tori was talking and her face was like ‘uh’ no ‘go go go go go’ we have ten seconds. Definitely ‘the show must go on’ type of thing,” Montalto said. 

Viewers can listen to “The Shiver” every Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. at, and keep up with the show on Instagram and Twitter at @TheShiver.

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