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New Year, New School Merch


The Bookstore located in Hillwood Commons received new merchandise for the 2019-
2020 academic year. The Sharks logo is featured in most apparel, as well as the new slogan “Be True to Blue.”

New items include hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other articles of clothing ranging from $20 to $70. There are also various other items including dorm decorations, key-chains and lanyards for sale.

Jorge Lanas, the bookstore manager, commented on his personal favorites of the new
merchandise. “I like the blue color. It is more vibrant and brightens the store up,” Lanas said.

Other than the school color features, there are also updated styles. “I like the new types of quarter zips. They look very comfortable and also stylish,” Brittany Fazin, a junior health science major and resident assistant, said. “The new flags are really cute; however, they are contraband in the dorms since they are fire hazards.”

The current sports team featured for this semester is Lacrosse, with hoodies available for
student purchase. Emily Poole, a sophomore sports management major who plays for the women’s soccer team, noticed her sport and team wasn’t featured in the bookstore.

“I like how they are integrating sports into the bookstore so students can support athletics,” she said. “I would like to be able to purchase clothes that represent soccer to send home to my parents so that when they come to watch our games, they have something that says soccer on it.”

Lanas said the store has future plans to include additional teams in their merchandise.

“We are planning to set up other sports on our website [] where all sports, including those on the Brooklyn campus, will be featured, as well as other departments such as the school of nursing, business, etc,” he said.

The bookstore chooses their apparel based on poll results from Instagram and Facebook. It also changes the apparel seasonally and students can expect to see variations of sports team graphics, according to Lanas.

“Whatever we find is most popular, the vendors will give us a template to pick and choose with the university,” he said.

For any questions, comments or suggestions, Lanas said “feel free to contact me at”

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