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Newman Club Hosts Virtual Meetings

By Leah Arroyo, Staff Writer

Michaela Fox, president of Newman Club-Photo by Jada Butler

Just because students aren’t on campus, doesn’t mean clubs and events aren’t still happening. The Promise Office holds weekly virtual events via Zoom, and clubs have begun to host meetings over the online platform.

One of the many clubs on campus still holding meetings is The Newman Club. The Newman Club is a student run organization, which is Roman Catholic affiliated, and provides opportunities to students for further exploration of their faith, attend local, national and international service trips, attend mission trips all over the country, and hang out with students from around campus and other universities in the area.

The club goes on trips to the city for service and socializing like Catholic Undergrounds and volunteers in a multitude of places, such as working in soup kitchens, building homes with Nazareth Farms in Appalachia, and as volunteer pilgrims with North American Volunteers in Lourdes, France.

“We wanted to maintain that community. Faith is so profound, and we as faithful people depend on each other,” Michaela Fox, president of Newman Club and acting major, said. “We’re meant for human interaction, we’re meant to be united with other children of God. We literally greet each other in our Church as brother, sister.”

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the club still hasn’t let go of that sense of community.

“We didn’t want the coronavirus and the quarantines that come with it to stop us from nurturing those fruitful, joyous, loving relationships we have developed. No doubt they would continue to grow even being apart, because we are united in our prayer. But being together and praying together just makes it more fun, it’s a bonus,” Fox said. “We meet constantly throughout the week, like in Thursday’s at five for socializing followed by prayer, Fridays in Lent for the Stations of the Cross, and at other points for our women’s reading group and men’s group. But our club meetings are on Tuesdays at 12:45, officially. Govinda Willard (our campus minister) and I are usually in at 12:30 though in case people wanna come in early and chill.”

The club is open to any and all people—being Catholic is not a requirement to join and students from other schools are more than welcome. For more information contact Michaela Fox ( or follow the Newman Club on Instagram @liupostnewman for more updates.

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