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No Control Improv Group Looks For New Members

By Dylan Valic, Editor-In-Chief

No Control Improv will be hosting auditions for its first show on Saturday, Sept. 19. Students will be auditioning for a permanent spot in the group, as well as a spot in the “Welcome Back Show” that will be hosted next month. Students of any major are welcome to audition.

Students auditioning will be asked to participate in several improv acting games such as “Pan Left, Pan Right,” “Good, Bad, Very Bad” and “Hollywood Director.” Callbacks will take place on Sunday, Sept. 20, followed by interviews that night. 

Students who are selected to join the group won’t have to re-audition for any future shows. This is done so the group won’t have to worry about auditions and can focus on bonding and having a good time, according to junior musical theatre major Jordan Horne. 

“Our troop is very much like a family and we’re a really close knit group,” Horne said. “Which is another reason why we don’t want to make people feel like they have to re-audition, because they should be able to feel like they can relax and have a really good time in rehearsal, and just focus on doing what they need to do.

The group is looking for students who will be a good fit for the group as a whole, and not just who would work well in whatever performance they are planning to put on, according to junior acting major Steele Whitney. 

“We are taking it very seriously to make sure they are a good fit and [that] they maybe saw the weakness that we have as a troop, or they bring something new into the environment,” Whitney said.

No Control Improv’s first show will consist of a full day of performances, where members will play several improv games for the audience’s enjoyment. All performances will take place outside, in front of a socially distantanced audience. The tentative date for the performance is Sunday, Oct. 4, followed by a special Halloween themed performance on Sunday, Oct. 25. All dates are subject to change.

Any students interested in auditing or wanting to get more information about No Control Improv can visit their Instagram page @nocontrolimprov.

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