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No Control Improv Has their First Show

By: Sophie Quiñones

On Oct. 23 the No Control Improv troupe performed its first show of the semester. The show was inspired by The Armory Theatre’s shows entitled “Shot4Shot,” according to the presidents of No Control, junior acting major Steele Whitney and junior musical theatre major Jordan Horne. The show itself was a read-through of two episodes from the popular television series “The Office.” 

“We were completely inspired by The Armory Theatre’s structure for improv called “Shot4Shot,” Whitney said. “And we knew we wanted to do something scripted with a little touch of improv because that works best on Zoom.” 

With the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the school and New York State, it became clear that the improv troupe would have to completely adjust their style of show to an online format. 

“COVID has given us a wonderful opportunity to do different types of improv that we wouldn’t get to do in person. This new platform has so many different facets for us to explore and we’ve really been taking that to its fullest extent,” Horne said. 

With the theatre industry up in the air with the virus, both Whitney and Horne thought the most important thing that they could do for the community was to continue to bring comedy and lighthearted good times. 

“The thing that still really excites me about No Control is hopefully making people laugh as a community. In a time where theatre mostly can’t happen, figuring out how to still bring people comedy is our top priority,” Whitney said. 

Horne is excited to continue to explore the different ways that improv shows can occur this semester. 

“I loved seeing our troupe showcase their talents in a totally new way. Our troupe has been so adaptable to change and I really loved seeing them shine in this way,” Horne said. 

Students that missed this show can follow No Control’s Instagram, @nocontrolimprov, to stay updated with any upcoming events. 

“There might be more shows like this, maybe not this semester. We have a big idea for our final show that we know we need to start working on now to have it happen,” Whitney said. “The only hints I can give about our big show this semester are long-form and the bachelor. That’s all for now.” 

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