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Nutrition Club Hosts Yoga Class

Last updated on Oct 8, 2020

By Lexi DeLorimiere, Staff Writer

    The Nutrition Club is hosting virtual yoga classes for students to participate in to stay active. The classes will be held on Zoom, so all that is required is a mat and a five-dollar donation. The club is using this as a way to raise money for a food pantry in Glen Cove. Kelsey Bognar, senior nutrition and dietetics major and President of the Nutrition Club, said that the club needed to get creative in order to host events that comply with the current social distancing guidelines.  

“Since COVID has affected a lot of the events we were planning on holding with our members this semester, we had to get creative about what we could still do as a club and how we could also fundraise,” Bognar said. “We thought a virtual yoga class was perfect because it’s an activity we could virtually do all together as a group and simultaneously raise some money for a great cause.” The donations will go towards healthy food options to be dropped off at the pantry. 

    The yoga classes are a great way for students to participate and take a break from the busy academic schedule. “What I enjoyed most about the class is that it forced me to slow down and take a moment for myself, especially during these crazy and stressful times it’s definitely necessary. I felt very centered, calm, and relaxed once the class was over,” Bognar said. 

Students can often get overwhelmed with work and don’t take the necessary time to focus on themselves. “This falls in line with creating healthy daily habits by incorporating some physical activity to help support our health and overall well-being,” Suzette Negron, a junior nutrition and dietetics major, said. “This is an area that we can often neglect especially as students.” 

    The next yoga class will be on Oct. 17 at 10 a.m. to continue the fundraiser. The club will be having similar events and two Zumba classes in November and choose another organization to fundraise for. Nutrition Club members have been encouraged to invite family, friends and anyone who may be interested. To learn more about these events and the club, you can follow them on Instagram @liupostnutritionclub and email at

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