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October Horoscopes: Love on the Brain as Venus Moves into Scorpio

By Jada Butler


Venus, the planet of love, beauty, values and finances, moves into Scorpio, a fixed water sign associated with passion, possessiveness, mys-tery and seduction, which means changes and developments in your love life could be under-way. Venus will reside in Scorpio until October 31, so start looking into your love life now.

Your monthly horoscope

People are more than just their sun signs – the sign associated with their date of birth. Everyone has a unique and complex birth or natal chart made up of many signs, planets and aspects. To find out your full natal chart, use any astrology website you can find – we recommend using, but there are many to choose from. Once you do this, check the list to see what zodiac sign occupies the planet Venus and check below for your love horoscope for this month.

Aries Venus

Those with Venus in Aries in their charts are very straight-forward, bold, no-bs signs when it comes to love. A fiery confidence is very apparent in this cardinal fire placement. This month, you may find yourself falling in love – and fast! If you see someone you like, you likely won’t hesitate to go after them. But try not to get hurt in the process. Venus’s position in Scorpio this month has you craving for intimacy, but beware of people who can’t sustain your interests.

Taurus Venus

People with their Venus in Taurus feel right at home in this position, as Venus is Taurus’s ruling planet. Often seen as the most luxuri-ous of the zodiac signs, Taurus in Venus place-ments have a desire for comfort and fashion. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and paired with Venus, those with this placement tend to have a possessive streak in their affairs. Try to relin-quish some control as Venus moves into your opposing sign this month – a sweet surprise is on the way.

Gemini Venus

Venus in Gemini people use witty conversa-tion to win over the hearts of those they love. Being able to speak at length about an array of interesting topics is part of your appeal. These lighthearted and changeable lovers are very playful, but don’t like to be tied down. You may find that you have more than one love inter-est at a time – and that’s okay. But this month you should focus on yourself. Try a face mask. You’ll run into a few of your crushes along the way.

Cancer Venus

One of the most nurturing placements of Venus is in Cancer. This sign tends to root their relationships in emotion. A cardinal water sign, those with this placement tend to flirt by wear-ing their heart on their sleeve and investing in the emotions of others. Cancer Venus people are overly caring and love to comfort others, but they are also shy to make any first moves. If there is a special someone on your mind this month, try baking them a treat or plan some fun activities with them to give them a little nudge.

Leo Venus

With Leo being one of the most showy signs of the zodiac, it’s only natural for them to be equally showy lovers. Venus in Leo lovers will shower you with affection and attention – as long as you can match it. Venus in water sign Scorpio this month, however, cools down this fire sign and put you in a cozy mood. Instead of going out, try a home movie night with your lover. It could be refreshing.

Virgo Venus

Virgo in Venus people are picky lovers who are always searching for perfection in their relationships. However, these signs are also one of the most insecure. A Venus in Virgo person may focus too much on the details, which can get you into trouble. This month, take a moment to stop overthinking and go with the flow. Communication with your partner is key during this time.

Libra Venus

Another venesian sign of the zodiac, Libra shares its ruling planet of Venus with Taurus and is another sign with an eye towards the finer things in life. People with this airy place-ment tend to exude venusian charm and are quite popular. They can attract anyone they want and they know it. Libra in Venus people reach for lovers with good taste – both in com-munication and in style. This month, expect a surprise in finances and go pamper yourself. You might attract something great.

Scorpio Venus

You may never meet a lover with more pas-sion and intensity than a Scorpio Venus. These people make their partners the center of their world by knowing every intimate detail about them. Though this water sign may love deeply, they are guarded with their own feelings at first. Once they let their guard down, they are devoted lovers. Scorpio Venus people will feel an extra boost this month. A new and exciting love is on the way.

Sagittarius Venus

By far the most flirtatious and care-free of the zodiac, a Sagittarius Venus has an uncon-ventional approach to love. A fire sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is an adventurous lover, and may have many lovers in their lifetime. Never one for the ordinary, these signs go for partners that offer them something new, differ-ent and exciting. If you aren’t in a relationship now, you might fall into one soon. Someone is pining for you from afar and they are dying to tell you this month.

Capricorn Venus

You can’t play coy with someone who has a Capricorn Venus, they take matters of the heart seriously. Capricorn Venus people enjoy stability in their affairs, and are attracted to mature, ambitious partners. A person with this placement may flirt by sharing their accomplish-ments. This month, expect to open up your social circle. Who knows, maybe something lovely will come of it.

Aquarius Venus

Having Venus in Aquarius can mean your initial approach to love is quite detached. You don’t fall to your emotions easily, and an ideal lover is someone that you consider a best friend. Those with Venus in this fixed air sign flirt by talking about themselves and their own progressive ideas. This month, expect positive change in your career and image and use this to your advantage. Someone is admiring you.

Pisces Venus

People with Venus in Pisces are dreamy lovers. The position of Venus in this intui-tive water sign makes for a number of magical moments. Pisces Venus people take comfort in depth to their relationships. They love on a spiritual level, but sometimes this can lead to imagining scenarios that eventually disappoint. Try a different strategy this month, you could attract something new and exciting.

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