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Once Upon a Daydream parties

By Alyssa Spagna, Staff Writer

Senior musical theatre major Jordan Coene knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. 

“In fifth grade, everyone in my class was asked on video what we wanted to be when we grew up for our moving up ceremony. All of the other kids said normal answers such as fireman, or doctor, or even astronaut. Then, they got to me and I said “[I want to be] a princess!” I definitely stuck to my word. I now get to call myself a professional princess and CEO of my very own company, which is an achievement I am extraordinarily grateful for,” Coene said. 

During the peak of COVID-19 in 2020, Coene started to realize that if she was lonely and stuck at home, she couldn’t imagine how young children were feeling. 

“They were unable to go to school, extracurriculars, parties and even playdates with friends. So, I ordered my first costume and did socially distanced and mask-free doorstep meet and greet visits with the kids to bring their spirits up,” Coene said. 

The children were in awe of Coene and seeing a princess at their door during such a difficult time was a boost of joy. This is when she decided to make a business out of it. 

“Once Upon A Daydream Parties, LLC is a character entertainment company that brings your favorite characters straight from their fairy tales and stories into parties and events across Long Island, NY,” she said. 

Her business, Once Upon a Daydream Parties, has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. She now has over 50 magical performers to attend a variety of events. The company has a rotating cast of summer actors, school-year actors and holiday carolers. The audition process is fairly straightforward.

“Our auditions are held through Zoom. We ask anyone who is interested to send a headshot, resume and full body shot to our email, We then set up a virtual audition with them. From there, we ask them to prepare a song and have a small improvisational section to the audition as well. As a callback, we meet with the performers in person and have a costume fitting,” Coene said.

While it’s not easy to be a prince or princess, the audition process for Once Upon a Daydream Parties is quick and to the point. Coene has it down to a science now that she’s been casting performers for over two years. In the time that her business has been running, she has achieved astounding accomplishments.

“One of my biggest accomplishments as a business owner was just hitting our two year anniversary as an LLC last month. We had a huge company photoshoot at a catering hall and were able to bond as a company all together and share the love for our job. In addition, we have been nominated in multiple categories two years in a row for the Bethpage Best of LI contest,” she said. 

While Coene may make it look easy, owning and running a business while also being a full-time student is not always a breeze. As a theatre student, navigating the business side of her company was a bit of a struggle. 

“Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far is learning the business side of owning a business as I go. When I first started this journey, I had no idea I was going to become an LLC, and therefore a CEO. I also had no idea my company would grow as big and as fast as it did.”

Luckily, Coene feels like she has a fantastic support system.

“I’m very grateful for my parents who are helping to teach me all of the paperwork and financial sides of business –as my father is a business owner as well– so I can be a successful company,” she said. 

Over two years of memories have accumulated for Coene and her successful business.

“One of my fondest memories as a business owner was watching the first event that I was assisting and not in character for. It was so rewarding to see my incredible performers have such a love and passion for their job. The way they jump into the roles and do it for the love of the magic and the kids truly warms my heart. I will admit I did start to tear up. As a performer, I always experienced some of my favorite memories first hand through interactions with adults and kids, but watching it from the outside was truly a remarkable and proud moment for me.”

With her business still booming, it is important that customers book as soon as possible for the date/party they need. For more information, check out the Once Upon a Daydream Parties website at and social media pages like Instagram @onceuponadaydreamparties , Facebook Once Upon a Daydream Parties LLC, or contact via email at

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