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Other Ways to Stay Active

By Heather Norris

For many students, Intramural sports are a great way to get out of their dorm room and get active during these cold winter months.  Every week the Pratt Recreation center hosts a different intramural event and students of every range of athletic ability are encouraged to participate.

According to sophomore Intramural supervisor Ryan Tabibi, participation usually dwindles in the winter months.  “People just get lazy in the winter,” he said.

Intramurals, however, run all throughout the year.  Some of the biggest events are the Wii competitions like Wii bowling and the Wii homerun derby.  Another, more traditional event is the flag football championship, which is held every fall.  There are also tournaments offered throughout the year in sports like Tennis, Racquetball, Ping Pong, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball.

Although an estimated 1,000 students participate in Intramurals every year, the Pratt center and Intramural staff would love to see more participation these coming months.  “It’s a way to be active instead of being lazy all day,” said Tabibi.  Not to mention it’s fun!”

The next Intramural offered, dodge ball, begins this Wednesday.  Students are permitted to sign up either in teams or as individuals and spots are still open.  For further information, contact the front desk at the Pratt Center at 516-299-2350 or search “intramurals” on the C.W. Post website.

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