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Outer Banks Season four premieres on Netflix

By Nicole Sanchez, Staff Writer

“Outer Banks” made its return to Netflix on Feb. 18 with season three. This came with an announcement that the show was renewed for a fourth season. 

“Outer Banks” is about a group of six teenagers, John B, Sarah Cameron, JJ, Kiara, Pope and Cleo who call themselves the Pogues and go on a hunt for a long-lost treasure worth $400 million. 

With the new season, the show continues where it left off in season two: the pogues are stranded on a deserted island and they claim it as their own, naming it ‘Poguelandia’. After two months, they are rescued and begin a quest to find the biggest treasure; the city of gold, also known as El Dorado. 

The group goes against Carlos Singh, another treasure hunter who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the gold. Singh gets word that the group found the Cross of Santo Domingo in season two, he sends out his men to find the pogues and threaten them to give him the way to the gold. 

As the pogues go on the quest to find the gold, a big surprise comes out where John B’s father, Big John, is alive. The show made it seem that Ward Cameron, another treasure hunter, killed his father, Big John. Big John comes out from hiding and helps John B solve the treasure hunt.

Fans of the show shared their thoughts on this plot line.

“I think one of the worst things to come out of the show was having Big John alive. Although it was a nice reunion for John B and Big John, Big John is a terrible character. He clashed with the vibe of the show, and I think he was pulling John B in the wrong direction. I just hated every second he was on screen, as he ended up splitting John B from his friends for half the season which wasn’t cool,” junior speech pathology major at Molloy College Catherine Torres said.

Season three ends with a new mission for the Pogues: the hunt for Blackbeard’s Royal Merchant shipwreck. According to history books, the pirate spent much of his time in North Carolina, so season four could easily see the show go back to home territory in order to find his final resting place.

Season three was not only about finding the gold but it was also about the romance. The Pogues’ new adventure brought each other closer together in a different way. Kiara has fully moved on from her tenuous situationship with Pope, and started to explore her feelings for JJ, while Pope, who took the breakup with Kiara much harder, found a shoulder to lean on in the new Pogue this season, Cleo. While the original Romeo and Juliet on “Outer Banks,” John B and Sarah Cameron, are still madly in love with one another. 

Both Ward Cameron played by Charles Esten and Big John played by Charles Halford met their ends in season three. This means they will more than likely not be a part of season four. Although, the show has faked many deaths in the past so nothing is for certain. 

Fans of the show eagerly await season four.

“I’m excited for season four,” junior psychology major at SUNY Oneonta Caeley Curran said. “I do hope they add more twists and turns because that’s what makes a great show. Being at the edge of your seat not 100 percent knowing what’s going to happen next. Season one was definitely the best season but I have high hopes season four will be better.” 

As of March 22, Netflix has not yet shared a release date for “Outer Banks” season four.

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