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Peter Barell’s Response to Heather Drastal

Hey all,

I am very sorry for the disappointment. While our writers are entitled to their own opinion, we constantly provide feedback to be more specific and constructive. Unfortunately we were not able to have a particularly theater savvy writer attend the event. But he was the only one who was available, and this was much wanted coverage.

The feedback we sent him was fulfilled to a degree, but since we are short of staff (especially for this section) I felt we could not cut the piece altogether. Sometimes I do large rewrites for pieces, and I always try to work extensively with the writers. On this occasion we were not able to do as comprehensive rewriting as usual, being a weekend event (our usual first draft deadline is Thursday) and because I was distracted with another commitment this weekend. But I know this is no an excuse.

As you know, we are student newspaper, having a wide variety of writers of varying skills and knowledge. We try our best to be consistent, but sometimes we are not.  We are constantly learning and trying to improve.

I will keep in mind these shortfalls in reviewing. Next semester I will have an assistant, so we will have a much better peer review system. We will also try to cover rehearsals and behind-the-scenes more closely. After all, these are students and we want them to succeed. We will avoid compromises of writer selection, and of peer review and feedback in the future. As a student, I have taken this lesson and take responsibility.

I hope we can continue our relationship.


Peter Barell

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