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Practice rooms opened in Hillwood for music students

By Alyssa Spagna, Staff Writer

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, music majors have been shuffled around campus, trying to find places to hold class, rehearse and perform. While frustrating to most students in the program, they have finally been provided a space to practice their material, on the second floor of Hillwood Commons. The Fine Arts Center, located on South Campus was reserved for music majors for years, but has recently been transformed into a building for what seems to be conference rooms.

“I was disappointed last year to find out that construction was being done on our only building, to be given to another program,” senior music education major Kaitlyn Sottung said. “It felt like we were being pushed aside.”

Sottung, along with other music majors, felt as though they were being pushed out of their home, almost like an eviction. Junior music education major Annie Rodriguez felt that the change in practice rooms were out of the blue.

“I wish they gave us more of a heads up,” she said. “While I am very grateful for the new practice rooms they’ve given us, our department was worried for our future all of last year.”

Post did not give the music majors any heads up about their change of location. Students found out in a meeting at the beginning of the spring 2021 semester.

The music department students are grateful to have a space to rehearse again. 

“I have not yet used the practice rooms, but I plan on doing so when I have more material to rehearse,” Sottung said.

A common concern among the music majors is privacy in Hillwood. Anyone can walk by while they are practicing, which can be uncomfortable for some performers.

“My biggest concern with our new spaces being located in Hillwood is privacy,” Rodriguez said. “Not everyone understands the work that goes into being a music major, and others may not take it seriously. I am nervous I will be interrupted by loud noises during common hour as well.”

The state of the Fine Arts Center has not yet been announced to the public but it is no longer home to the music majors, as it once was.

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