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President’s Circle

Last updated on Oct 6, 2015

By Margaret Pepe
Staff Writer

The President’s Circle, previously known as the Ambassadors Program, is a collective group of students who have strong and positive feelings about being at LIU Post. These ambassadors are students who want to promote the aspects of the campus to any and all prospective students, parents, and the community.

Jessica Rashbaum, a senior Digital Arts and Design major, and a former student ambassador. Photo: Kristen Linsalata
Jessica Rashbaum, a senior Digital Arts and Design major, and a former student ambassador.
Photo: Kristen Linsalata

“I decided to apply to be an ambassador because I genuinely like this university,” said Manley Francios, a senior Forensic Science major. “And I wanted to share with others why this university was the right reason for them.”

Suzanne Gluck, Associate Director of the Office of Admissions, oversees the program. Gluck said that the program is not exclusive, and that any student who is interested and has acclimated to the campus can apply to be an ambassador.

The program allows students to step out of their comfort zone, and to be a leader, according to Gluck. She said that the main characteristic she looks for is a student who is “motivated, positive, and really wants to give a perspective student an amazing experience when they come to campus.” Gluck continued that she looks for a student who is capable of “definitely being a positive, strong role model.”

The program has changed from last year. For instance, there are now three tiers that students can apply for: student ambassador, ambassador captain, and senior ambassador. Each tier has a different set of roles, requirements, and benefits.

The amount of required work hours and admissions projects that each ambassador has to complete has also changed this year, according to Gluck. Each ambassador has to guide at least one tour per week, and complete two-to-eight hours of office work, depending on their tier.

Another change the program has seen is in the benefits the ambassadors receive. Early registration for classes, early check in (if residing on campus), and a stipend ranging from $500 to $1000, depending on which tier a student is assigned to, are some of the benefits ambassadors can expect.

“The ambassador program was previously considered an on-campus job. We were paid by the hour,” said Jessica Rashbaum, a senior Digital Arts and Design major, and a former student ambassador. But she said that, “Because it’s a stipend, workers are [now] less likely to help out and take extra shifts if needed. I absolutely loved being an ambassador, and was so sad to see it end.”

“The benefit of being an ambassador is seeing multiple freshmen at Admitted Student Day and they come running to you to tell you that your tour was the reason they decided to come to LIU Post,” Francios said. “It gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that your tour may have been the reason why someone decided to come to LIU Post.”

Gluck said that it is a learning experience. “If they’re going to do it, I need to know how to do it too,” she said. Gluck often shadows tours to observe the ambassadors. From giving tours and hosting admissions events, to learning how to drive the golf cart, Gluck said she wants to know it all.

“I recommend that anyone that would like to share their experience and tell others how wonderful of a campus we are, then I think you should apply to be an ambassador. I also think that you must have a love for your campus in order to sell someone else,” Francios said.

To learn more about the President’s Circle, or to apply, students can contact Suzanne Gluck at, or call 516-299- 2003.

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