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Rainbow Alliance hosts a Worm on a String Fundraiser

By Gabriella Cavaleri, Staff Writer

The Rainbow Alliance is introducing the “Every Dorm a Worm” fundraiser to spread some joy around campus. The popular toy “Squirmles,” otherwise known as “Worm on a String,” are available to purchase via Venmo from now until Friday, April 2. All proceeds from the fundraiser go to The Marsha P Johnson Institute, a group that supports Black trans people and is currently aiding in covid relief efforts.

“This year, and likely for multiple years to come, we’ve decided to send our charity donations to The Marsha P Johnson Institute, and the page on their donation page could explain more than I ever could,” senior game design major and Rainbow Alliance president Nicholas Frank said. “We hope to donate as much as we can to stop breeding grounds of hate and empower Black trans people, and we hope to have a larger virtual event later in the year for donations that we hope to get out more information about soon.” 

These nostalgic critters come in a variety of colors and can be delivered with a message for two dollars. Each purchase also counts towards a raffle where a lucky student can win a massive five-foot worm on a string. Worm purchases are not limited to students, however, students must be on campus for a dorm room delivery or to participate in the raffle. 

This unique fundraiser was an idea from Frank himself. He wanted to hold this fundraiser for some time now, and he is delighted to finally share these worms with the public during his final semester. Many people have connections to these toys and with midterms on the horizon and no spring break, now is as good a time as any to give someone a fuzzy friend. 

Sophomore Art Education major Loredana Citizen was happy to support the fundraiser. 

“I remember the first time I saw a worm on a string. I was in third grade and a fifth-grader was using one,” Citizen said. “She made it look like this was squirming through their fingers and it was a magical experience. Then in college, my roommate had some worms on a string which rekindled my love for the silly creatures.”

Students can follow @liupostrainbowalliance for updates on the fundraiser and to receive information on future events.

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