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Readjusting Back to School

By Sana e Zahra
Staff Writer


After a long summer vacation full of relaxation, stress free nights and parties, it’s that time of the year again to re-adjust ourselves to classes and late night assignments. Two weeks into the fall semester, the Pioneers are getting organized and prepared for their new courses and the semester ahead.

For freshmen, this is the start of a new journey in life, and for many it’s the first time they have ever been away from their families. Senior Psychology major Awais Choudhary believes in finding your identity in college. “I would tell every freshman to participate in as many extracurricular activities as they can, and to join all the clubs that inter- est them because college is the time to discover yourself and to find [out] who you really are,” he said.Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 20.33.57

Michael W Ellison, an entrepreneur, said “The only way you will find out what truly matters to you is by viewing your college experience as [an] opportunity to take risks, put yourself in uncomfortable situa- tions, and diverge from your peers with the goal to identify the areas of life that you want your life to be about.” Take this advice and make good use of it during your time at Post.

In these first couple of weeks of classes, you will learn more and more about your professors and find where you stand in class. Always try approaching your professors if you need help. Ask them about anything that seems a little off track to you. It always helps to ask rather than just sit back and watch things happen. Many professors love when students come to interact with them. This shows them how interested you are in their class, as well as your willingness to achieve. Try visiting your profes- sors during their office hours, or ask them when they are available to meet with you. Take notes and compare them with a classmate to see if you have got everything down.

Remember, there is always tutoring available if you need help with any class. Ask your professor or the dean of your school so they can let you know when tutoring is available. You can also visit the Writing Center, which is located on the second floor of Humanities across from the Honors Office, to get help with writing a paper.

Having a different roommate each year sometimes becomes a problem, as it’s never easy to share a room with a complete stranger. But, according to senior Business Management major Viren Khuller, this is an opportunity that not many people receive. “I look at having
a new roommate as an opportunity for me to learn about their culture, background, and religion,” he said. “It’s always exciting for me to meet someone new,” Khuller added.

While the journey at Post has just started for many, it is also the beginning of the end for the seniors. Many seniors are emotional about beginning their last year of college. For them, Post has become a second home, and moving away from a home they’ve had for four years will be a big change for them, as they have made many memories.

Adjusting back to school is never easy; it always takes time and effort to get used to new routines and schedules. As the old saying goes, “Nothing worthwhile is easy.” Remember that in the end you will be rewarded for all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices you have made in college. Don’t make a mistake of waiting until your senior year to start an internship. Start looking up companies that interest you now, and see how you can get an internship there. Just keep in mind to never let your doubts defeat your strength.

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