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Recruitment is back in-person

By Jillian Mehta, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Curtesy of Hannah Winston

Greek life organizations across campus have been gearing up for their first in-person recruitment since the fall of 2019. 

Junior early-education major Marissa Angeli holds the vice president (VP) of membership position in Delta Zeta. VP of membership plans for recruitment for the sorority. Angeli was excited about the planning and process of recruitment, especially because it will be in person this semester. 

“I am so excited for recruitment to be in person this year,” Angeli said. “Recruitment is my favorite time of the year, and knowing we get to have it in-person again is the best feeling.”

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, recruitment and other greek life events have been virtual, leaving many students missing the connections made when in-person. 

“I am most looking forward to actually getting to talk to girls face to face instead of through a computer screen,” Angeli said. “It is so much more personable and the conversations feel so much more natural when we are having them in the same room.”

Some students have yet to experience in-person recruitment, like junior musical theatre major Hannah Winston, who was recruited through continuous open bids that are outside of the recruitment process. 

Winston is a Panhellenic delegate for her sorority this year, which means she will be dropping her letters up until the end of recruitment to serve as an unbiased help for girls going out. 

“I am excited to see recruitment in-person this year since I never really got an in-person or virtual recruitment experience because I was a COB [continuous open bid],” Winston said. 

Sophomore business administration major Gina Symes has also never experienced in-person recruitment as she went out for recruitment in the fall of 2020 when the process was completely online. 

“Personally, I liked virtual recruitment from the perspective of being recruited. It seemed more relaxed than what I have heard about in-person recruitment, and was a shorter process as well. I felt very confident on the screen. While I had some nerves it was mostly an exciting process,” Symes said. 

While virtual recruitment was necessary at the time many students are looking forward to aspects they missed about in-person recruitment. 

“Girlishly of me, I’m mostly looking forward to the coordinated outfits we get to wear for in-person recruitment. That seems like a very fun aspect to implement into the recruitment process, Symes said. “However, more seriously, I think it’ll be more natural to form connections in person with the potential new members. Also, I’m excited to experience all of the traditions that are included in recruitment. I believe they’ll help me have a deeper knowledge of Delta Zeta as a whole.” 

Angeli is looking forward to making connections with new members in-person. 

“One of the ways that this year will be different from virtual recruitment is that there will be more opportunities to talk to everyone since in-person recruitment will go on more days than virtual recruitment did,” Angeli said. 

Winston echoed Angeli’s excitement.

“‘I’m looking forward to meeting new PNM’s, learning more about the other org’s processes, hopefully seeing PNM’s [potential new members] find their homes/sisters, and actually being in the room with other orgs and other people,” she said.

To any students thinking of going out for recruitment this year, Angeli and Winston encourage them to put themselves out there and give it a chance. 

“For anyone going out for recruitment who might be nervous is to just be yourself,” Angeli said. “We are all so excited to meet you and get to know you girls so try not to be nervous and just focus on being yourself.”

Symes agreed with Angeli.

“Be genuinely authentic and try your hardest to keep an open mind,” she said. “Also, enjoy the process. It’s so easy to get swept up in the pressure of it all, but at the end of the day, this is something you only get to experience once. Have fun with it and we’re all so excited to meet you.”

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