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Relationship Column: He Says, She Says

Alex Parker Editor-in-Chief

This is my last column ever. I hope you all have enjoyed my little rants for the past few years because I know I have enjoyed writing them and getting feedback from readers. Ok, so, after the spring fling concert I was hanging out around campus with a few friends. One of the boys started to go on about how girls ask boys “silly” questions and then get mad when they don’t get the response they were looking for. To give you an example, a girl is getting ready and asks a guy how she looks and he responds with a basic “fine.”

Wrong answer. “Fine.” I may as well just put on a moo moo if I wanted to just look fine. After he went on for a little bit, I posed the question, “Well, did you know what the appropriate answer

should have been to that question?” He said of course he did. Then why in the world didn’t you just come out with it? I understand that it’s silly that we repeatedly ask that question and questions like it, but we like to hear from our boyfriends that we look pretty. We’re not getting dressed for us; we’re trying to look nice for you. I would wear sweats everywhere I went if it were appropriate.

You boys don’t understand why we continually ask and we don’t understand why you don’t just respond correctly and save both of us the headache. It’s like when girls ask guys to do some- thing and an hour or two later we ask if you did it. Nine times out of ten you didn’t do it. God forbid we say that we’ll just do it, guys always respond, “No, no, no I got it.” You don “got it,” if you did you would have done it an hour ago when I asked you.

I suppose its just another reason why men and women seem to be from different planets; like we’re two completely different species.

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