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Senior Spotlight: Emily Ruben

By Jada Harrison: Staff Writer

The Studio Art Club will be saying farewell to forensic science senior Emily Ruben this semester. Ruben is a two year vice president of the club alongside her best friend Cassidy Shankar, and has done a lot to keep the club engaging and active in the campus community. 

“When the club started out, we had only a few members, mostly due to our lack of exposure. We wanted to get our name out there so we came up with some cool events and meeting ideas that made us into the club we are today,” she said. 

Emily gives credit to Shankar for pioneering the idea for the club, it has become an outlet for students of all majors to show off their talent and creativity in ways their everyday studies may not let them. 

“The Studio Art Club is a club for all majors. It’s main purpose is to gather those who have an interest in art but do not have the time in their day to pursue it, like me. As a forensic science major, I am often unable to express my creativity as I would like to. But this club has given me that, and helped in growing my strongest friendships that I have today.”

It is fair to say that in her time at Post, Ruben has been privileged enough to experience the many opportunities that are available to students. 

“My favorite experience I had with LIU Post was in my sophomore year. The Honors College was able to fund an entire trip to Costa Rica for just my roommate and I with a program named ‘Partners in the Parks.’ We were given the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Costa Rica’s National Park, Juan Castro Blanco,” she said. “Traveling abroad for the first time independently was a fantastic experience, one that I am so grateful to have had. Being a part of the Honors College definitely enhanced my time here at Post for many reasons such as this one.“

Ruben has some advice for incoming freshmen and hopes for the future of the art club as she moves on to the next journey in her life.

“The best advice I can give to any student is to make connections. With faculty, staff and friends. The more professional and social connections you make throughout college, the better your experience will be, both before and after school is finished,” she said. “I will be graduating this upcoming May. I am honored to pass the torch down to Alexa Jones, who will be taking over as acting VP. I hope in our creation of the Studio that those who love art, found a place to express it in their spare time.”

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