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Senior Spotlight: Nicholas Frank

By Zach Taber, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Nicholas Frank is a graduating senior with a game design major and a digital design minor whose contributions to Post range from his work in the game design programs to his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community here on campus. Frank’s involvement in the Post community has certainly left its mark on campus, and it’s this same work ethic that is sure to propel him to great heights as he launches into the next chapter of his life.

Frank, who is a native of Long Island, came to Post because it allowed him the opportunity to pursue everything he wanted to in his collegiate experience, while still being in this area he was already familiar with. 

“I was able to get a digital design minor alongside a game design major, something that was harder to find than expected among Long Island colleges,” Frank said. “It was also a chance to be able to stay in touch with my best friend from high school.”

Shortly after coming to campus, Frank’s involvement in the school’s LGBTQ+ community began to take shape. Rainbow Alliance had previously been part of the campus community, but as Frank was beginning his time as a student on campus, the club was about to come to an end. 

“I can hardly remember a point where Rainbow Alliance wasn’t a thought of mine. But after an amazing drag show event, the club suddenly came to an end,” Frank said . 

Working alongside other members of Post’s LGBTQ+ community, Frank was able to revitalize the club and bring it back to campus in full force.

“I don’t think there was a chance that the revitalization would have happened had it not been for Nicole Ludwig,” he said, “we did a lot as a club, ranging from fun activities like haunted houses to having guest speakers come and have talks on more critical aspects of being queer such as coming out.”

Reflecting on his work for the school’s LGBTQ+ community, it isn’t so much the events he was able to pull together that stand out to Frank, but rather the people and the friendships he was able to foster through Rainbow Alliance. 

“What I’ll remember the most is how we fostered a community. In our first year, we already started to see freshmen using the club as a social gateway into meeting others who respected and accepted them,” Frank said. “From that point on, I considered the club to be a success.”

Though Frank certainly has a plethora of memories from Rainbow Alliance that he looks back on fondly in reflecting on his experience at Post, it’s the hard work and the smaller moments with friends that stand out to him when reflecting on his time here. 

“I’ll always think of my work and the struggles of sitting behind my laptop coding late into the night when I think Post,” Frank said, “but I’ll be sure to think of the nights where my roommate said something ridiculously hilarious enough that it took me three minutes to stop laughing.” He kept a cherished record of moments like this on his quote wall: “the place where I kept the moments that I truly wanted to remember,” he said.

Looking to the future, Frank is excited to apply the skills he’s learned studying here at Post as he starts his career. 

“I plan to pursue work in game design and graphic design and see where that takes me, whether it’s independent or for a studio,” he said. 

However, it’s the moments outside of work that Frank is looking forward to most. His love of music, and community, as well as a bit of wanderlust are what he wants to prioritize leaving Post. 

“What I truly plan to do after the semester, and after the pandemic, is go to concerts, and go to new places. Post taught me a lot about what I know, NYC taught me a lot about who I am and what I like, kudos to my boyfriend for that, and there’s a lot more out there to try to explore.”

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