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Jenna Maggio

It is that time of year again! SGA wants to welcome all the new and returning students to our beautiful campus of LIU Post. For those of you who do not know, SGA stands for Student Government Association. SGA does many things here at LIU Post. Our goal as student leaders is to develop a place where the student body feels comfortable to state their positive and negative feedback about our campus. We also sponsor and work closely with each club and organization to make them be as suc- cessful as possible. Whether you are a resident or a commuter, SGA is here to help make your school a home away from home. There are many ways to get involved on campus and SGA is a great way to do it.

Along with every other club on campus we have an executive-board. Our e-board consists of: Dan Potenzieri, President; Kiara Braithwaite, Vice President; Melina Gonzalez, Parliamentarian; and Nicole Balnis, Treasurer. Anyone is welcome to become a senator and we highly en- courage you all to come to our meetings every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Top of Commons in Hillwood. SGA also has four different committees: Student Activity, Food, Campus Quality & Security, and Academic. Each committee has office hours where you can go and meet with some- one to express your comments and concerns. As members of SGA we work hand and hand with faculty and administration to ensure your voice is heard.

SGA worked diligently over the summer to make LIU Post even better for the upcoming year. One of the changes that SGA worked on

this summer was finishing and perfecting the fishbowl in Hillwood. We also played a key role in ensuring facilities worked on repaving some of the roads around campus, as well as the parking lots. One specific park- ing lot was the one near the music rehearsal building. Maybe one of the biggest questions SGA asked was about our graduation ceremony. We made sure the new President and Vice President understood the impor- tance and tradition behind the Great Lawn ceremony, and as a result, we confirmed graduation would be held on campus this year and not in the Barclays Center which was rumored for last year. As members of SGA we work hard to get your voices heard. We all share a common goal in bet- tering the campus community, so come out and help make a difference in your school where you can watch the changes happen!

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