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Shanghai String Quartet Works With Students

Last updated on Feb 6, 2020


Professional music artists, The Shanghai String Quartet, will perform for students at a music department convocation on campus, and personally work with the students to help develop their skills.

Laura Bogen, a junior music major, has worked with the group before and is looking forward to their visit to campus. “The Shanghai are a highly world renowned classical ensemble quartet who are famous worldwide for their exceptional skill, musicality and their cohesiveness,” she said. “They are an incredible ensemble to experience and to work with.” She got the chance to work with the Quartet in spring 2019 and back in high school. “They came and they listened to our string ensemble play, and they gave us tips.”

The Quartet has performed professionally since 1983, and provides students with a sounding board and tips in furthering their music careers. “I actually performed two pieces for them and it was great because I got feedback.” Sarah Bogen, first-year music performance masters student, said. “They’re always surprising and they always interpret the music so beautifully that you just get lost in it,” Sarah said.

The Quartet has had a long relationship with the Tilles Center and has worked with and performed for students and faculty at the university for over 10 years. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to have interactions with them,” Maureen Hynes, director oforchestral and string studies, said.

The group is a great example of a role model for aspiring performers, according to Bogen. “As music students who want to pursue this in their lives, it’s good to see people who are in this field and are successful in it, and who love what they do,” she said.

“[They are] inspiring because every time I hear them I just want to go home and practice for six hours.” Bogen said. “The only word I can say is ‘incredible’ because they just pay so much attention to every little detail that most people wouldn’t notice.”

The convocation will take place on Monday, Feb. 10 at 12:30 p.m. in the Krasnoff Theater, and all students are welcome to attend. Students can anticipate another performance from the Quartet at the Tilles Center on Sunday, March 22.

Hynes encouraged all students to attend. “By all means come, because they are great performers. What they bring will be a wonderful introduction, and I think watching any live performance is inspiring to people,” she said.

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