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Steinberg Museum Hosts Fall Photo Contest

Last updated on Oct 6, 2019

By Ashley Bowden


The Steinberg Museum of Art announced their fall-themed photo contest via Instagram on Monday, Sept. 23. All students are welcome to participate and share their photos until Thursday, Oct. 17. The host of the contest, museum educator Arianna Nuzzo, specified that submitted photos should be taken on campus. “Anyone works or lives on campus can make a photograph of a fall scene,” she said.

Photos can portray any fall aesthetic theme. “It could be a landscape, or something that feels ‘fall’, like a cup of tea. [Something] that gives us the beauty of Post,” Nuzzo said. The aim of the contest is to incentivise participation in art across campus. Students can participate by tagging @liupost_steinbergmuseum in their photo on Instagram, and following the account. Three winners will receive Starbucks gift cards; $15 for third place, $30 for second place, and $50 for first place.

Arianna Nuzzo, museum educator and host of the contest

Photographers of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the contest, and there is no need to buy expensive materials, according to Nuzzo. “We want to bring art to the whole student population, and everyone has a phone; it’s easy to take a photograph,” she said.

Nuzzo was inspired to create this event after seeing an Instagram post of a student’s dorm room. “It was a beautiful warm light coming through the curtain, and it reminded me that fall is on campus and it’s a great time to feel collegiate and part of the university,” she said. “I thought it would be a great mood to capture.

“I’ll definitely snap some pictures around campus and have some fun,” Evelin Figueroa, freshman arts management and economics double major, said. She plans to take photos at the seven arches near the Winnick Mansion, or at the labyrinth. “I’m waiting for all the leaves to fall down though before I take pictures, because I feel that’s more of the fall aesthetic,” Figueroa considers herself an intermediate photographer when it comes to photographing her friends, and a beginner when it comes to landscapes and the like.

This is the first time the museum has hosted a contest like this, though Nuzzo hopes to continue this event annually and in different seasons. Students can anticipate a winter or spring art competition. “I love taking aesthetic photography shots; I especially love taking more winter-aesthetic photos, so if there was a winter competition I would definitely be on top of that,” Nicholas Frank, junior digital game design major, said.

Evelin Figueroa and Nicholas Frank are considering participating in the photography contest

Submitted photos will not be featured in the Steinberg Museum of Art, but Nuzzo wants to curate a small installation of the photos and keep a portfolio of the contest entries. “Since I’m a photographer, I’m really interested in seeing what students produce. I’m interested in seeing what the scene means to everybody,” Nuzzo said.

Nuzzo would like to increase comradery amongst students in varying departments with this contest. “My hope is that people with like-minded interests in photography can find each other,” she said.

“The worst that could happen is you don’t win, but you have some really cool memories of taking pictures and getting to know the campus,” Figueroa said to encourage her peers to participate. “The best thing that could happen is you get a gift card, and you can enjoy that with your friends.”

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