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Stock Market Update – 9/29

By Andrew Scarpaci, Sports Editor

Tesla (TSLA) ⬆️ Over the past 9 days, Tesla has had an incredible run increasing by nearly 8%. Despite the Nasdaq and the tech industry having a tough stretch, Tesla has been able to push through and almost eclipsed the 800 mark for the first time since February. 

JP Morgan Chase (JPM) ⬆️ Chase has been making consistent gains since the start of the pandemic. However, a 10% gain over the past week has allowed Chase to break it’s previous all time high and continue to rise.

Microsoft (MFST) ⬇️ After having great gains for a while, Microsoft has taken a tumble down about 7% in just a few days. However, this seems to be just a minor correction and nothing to worry about as an investor. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) ✅ While this coin has had a tough time taking off and has been very back and forth since it’s hype last May, it is bound to come of age among the cryptocurrency sector. The release of the exchange Shibaswap as well as other projects based around this coin, Shiba Inu has all the potential to become a major crypto in this new investment space

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