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Student of the Week: Gabrielle Nau

By Myles Goldman
Staff Writer

Gabrielle Nau, a senior health science major, with a minor in health care administration, is the president of Delta Zeta sorority.

Photo Courtesy of Gabrielle Nau

Q. Where are you from?
A. Kings Park, Long Island, New York.

Q. Do you commute or do you live on campus?
A. I commute

Q. What does Delta Zeta stand for? How did it start and what separates it from other sororities on campus?
A. Delta Zeta is one of the newer sororities on campus. We started here in the spring of 2015 and since then have [grown] tremendously. When I was a freshman I wasn’t sure what exactly what I wanted to do or how I wanted to get involved, but the Greek advisor, Joe Veronia contacted me and asked if I was interested in starting a sorority here. I was definitely hesitant because of all the negative connotations that come along with Greek life, but to be very honest, Delta Zeta proves all of those “views” wrong. Delta Zeta nationally holds its women to high ideals, and more specifically, our motto is “Do More. Care More. Be More.” For the past two years, we have won the title at the Greek Life Banquet for the Highest Sorority GPA, and we are extremely proud of it! Along with academics, we are extremely passionate about philanthropy, and Delta Zeta opens up so many opportunities for community service.

Q. How has Delta Zeta opened so many opportunities? And what are they?
A. We hold Mr. DZ, which is a big philanthropy event and all pro ts go to the Starkey Hearing foundation.

Q. When is sorority recruitment?
A. Sorority recruitment was the week of September 25.

Q. How does recruitment week work?
A. During recruitment week, the girls who signed up attended nightly gatherings of sisters and [meet] all four PanHellenic sororities on campus. They learned about our philanthropy and sisterhood.

Q. How was preparation for it?
A. We had been preparing for months for this and were ready to welcome new women to our sisterhood!

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