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Student reactions to Dune

By Ella Barrington, Staff Writer

“Dune” is a science fiction film based off of the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert. This film has shaken the media because of two rising stars who portray main characters: Timothée Chalamet, who plays Paul Atreides, the son of Duke Leto Atreides I and Zendaya Coleman, who plays Chani. 

Students on campus are excited to see these two influential artists finally working together to create a film. Students are also excited to see the film’s cinematography due to its large budget.

“I have been waiting to see these two work together for so long and the time has finally come. I will be buying my tickets for this movie to see in the theaters,” sophomore public relations major Lauren Miller said.

Miller has been a fan of Chalamet since she saw his performance in the movie “Call Me By Your Name.” Miller is also eager to see Chalamet working with Zendaya, especially since the news broke that Zendaya was Chalamet’s childhood crush. 

Chalamet has been a popular media figure for young women this past year.

“After just recently watching “Call Me By Your Name” featuring Timothée Chalamet, I have a huge crush on [Chalamet] and his work,” sophomore public relations major Mara Titarsolej said.

As more COVID-19 safety restrictions are being lifted, students are ready to get back to seeing movies in theaters. Miller is excited because this will be the first movie she has seen in the theaters since the pandemic hit.

“Because I haven’t seen a movie in the theaters in so long, I can’t wait to get the whole experience when going to see “Dune”,” she said.

Other students are looking forward to seeing the movie, not because of its star vehicle, but because of the movie’s social media dominance. 

“I’m not that big of a fan of Timothée [Chalamet] and Zendaya, but because I’ve seen ads for this movie all over the internet and social media. I feel like I have to see it,” junior business major Amanda Loo said.

Loo went on to explain that science fiction is one of her favorite movie genres.

“… I also really enjoy movies that are adventurous, and because sci-fi is one of my favorite types of movies, and this movie’s picture making looks incredible, I will be going to see this movie,” Loo said.

Students who are more interested in the movie’s celebrity drama are invested in “Dune”, not only for the spectacle, but to see how things play out with celebrity romances on and off screen. 

Titarsolej just recently became a Chalamet fan and is excited to see “Dune”, but does not want to see Chalamet and Zendaya become too close off-set. Zendaya is supposedly in a relationship with English actor Tom Holland, famously known for his role as Spider-Man. 

“Though I am excited to see this film, I really hope Zendaya and Tom Holland stay together because they are a cute couple,” Titarsolej said. 

“Dune” has reportedly earned over $130 million at the box office since it’s Friday release in theaters and on HBO Max. 

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