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Students Black Friday Shop Virtually

By Hailey Duchnowski, Staff Writer

Black Friday is one of the most well known days of the shopping season. People storm to the stores in hopes to get a majority of their holiday shopping done with major sales. This year on Friday Nov.27 Black Friday was held a little differently. Most stores did not open until Friday evening when usually they open Thursday night in anticipation of thousands of shoppers looking to make big purchases. Along with opening much later than usual some stores switched to strictly remote shopping and deals to deal with Covid-19. 

Johnson Scoggins, an LIU sophomore majoring in Music Technology Entrepreneurship and Production stayed home from the stores this Black Friday. Johnson said, “For Black Friday I looked for deals for a few select electronics, saw that no place in the store was selling them so I decided to shop online.”
“While shopping online I got emails for a bunch of other stuff I ended up buying from Vineyard Vines which had 70% off their site world wide, a few things on Amazon, Patagonia, and greek letters. Originally I was just looking for the PS5 and Xbox Series X deals anywhere, and didn’t find them because they are new and stores didn’t want people crowding to try and get the very few that were available in stores so they just sold more amounts online for less discount.” 

The new PS5 and Xbox were being sold on numerous sites at a specific time to avoid the lines of crazy shoppers and to maintain social distancing. Walmart was one of the many stores to offer the online drop of the PS5 at 9 p.m.

Johnson also said, “It wasn’t like I didn’t want to go out and shop in stores but the stores just didn’t have what I was looking for so I went online for more of a variety and they had the same deals as in store.”

Olivia Fanntigrossi, a freshman majoring in business administration said, “I shopped online this Black Friday and also went out. Although I did both, I liked shopping in person a lot more because I could see and feel the clothes better, but three were also really good deals online.” 

Although Black Friday this year was a socially distanced one, stores still managed to get people online or safely in the stores to spend some money and get themselves and others’ holiday gifts.

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