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Students Celebrate Easter Virtually

Last updated on Apr 18, 2020

By Helen Flores, Staff Writer

Michaela Zabicki and her family on a Zoom chat celebrating Easter- courtesy of Michaela Zabicki

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Easter Sunday and Passover were celebrated in rare form. Some students made the trip home after spring break to social-distance with their families and loved ones, but large gatherings and celebrations like Sunday Mass and Seders were off-limits.

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and for some, is the most important Christian festival. With the new coronavirus looming, Christians were unable to celebrate the holiday as they would every year.

Alexis Ruiz, freshman special education major, said she was dorming on campus before going home for spring break and decided to stay there when the university moved classes online due to COVID-19.

“For Easter 2020, my family and I will be spending time at home. During this time, we spend a lot of time over the phone talking to friends and family and we watch our church service online every Friday and Sunday,” Ruiz said.

LIU Students with Pastor Todd Bishop on a Zoom online church service-courtesy of Alexis Ruiz

Some students also participated in an online church service with Todd Bishop who is the Pastor at Church Unleashed. He invited students to join his Sunday Zoom service online.

In years before, sophomore sports management major Michaela Zabicki lived in Garden City Park, New York, where her family usually gathered and participated in a community parade for the holiday.

“We are making all the food we usually make and opening our baskets like always,” Zabicki said. “My sister and her boyfriend are coming over because they have also been social-distancing.”

Some made alternative plans to adjust according to their state’s stay-at-home orders. Some joined group chats like Zoom to try their best at making a bad situation into something tolerable.

Although some students were looking forward to celebrating as usual, unfortunately, some had to work, or their family members were required to return to work.

Derick Eugene, senior broadcasting major, said his family didn’t have any plans for the holidays, as they’re still adjusting to the current changes.

“My parents are essential workers and luckily are not being laid off,” Eugene said. “I’m excited to get back out and workout with my teammates and start running again.”

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