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Students comment on campus quarantine experiences

By Emma Robinson, News Editor

Out-of-state students who planned to attend classes in-person the spring 2021 semester were required by New York State to quarantine for at least four days. On the fourth day, students could receive a coronavirus test and potentially move into their dorms prior to the two-week quarantine period that was required the fall 2020 semester.

Students were informed via an email from Promise to report to the Chapel to receive their quarantine room assignment. The email stated that students would not have access to their dorms prior to quarantining, and recommended that students should bring items that are normally in their dorms such as a Wi-Fi router, shower shoes and cleaning supplies.

While most students had a quarantine room on campus, some students were placed in The Roslyn hotel. Students who stayed on campus were given a small towel, linens, a comforter and a pillow in their room. Post also provided three meals a day to be delivered to the quarantine rooms.

Students felt that the quarantine was generally well-executed by Promise.

“I think [that]overall, Promise did a great job keeping us informed and safe,” sophomore health sciences major Miranda Ruiz said. “We were [usually] given meals on time, informed about safety protocols fairly regularly, were provided with a COVID-19 test, and were provided transportation to said test.”

Students reported spending a lot of time using technology to watch streaming services and play video games during their free-time.

“I got stir-crazy pretty quickly because I was bored,” sophomore musical theatre major Hannah Winston said. “I spent a lot of time waiting for meals, or just watching movies.”

Ruiz agrees with Winston. 

“I mainly worked and watched YouTube videos. A couple of times I played video games with friends via discord.”

While the experience was generally pleasant, both Winston and Ruiz had some suggestions for improvement.

“I think Promise needs to be more in touch with those quarantining since every case is different,” Winston said. “It feels like once we are in quarantine, Promise goes under the radar when we have questions about our status in quarantine and other logistics like food, water, and moving out etc. I also had some confusion with getting medical accommodations.”

Winston also suggests that Promise could allow more accomodation to dietary restrictions. 

“One of my friends had to order food a few times solely because Promise served her food that she stated she cannot eat,” she said.

Ruiz states that Post forgot to give her sheets.

“[The administration] promised bedding for us and all I really got was a blanket and a pillow,” she said. “I’m not saying that wasn’t appreciated, but they could’ve at least provided sheets. Sleeping on a bare mattress is kind of weird.”

Overall, having to quarantine on campus was not a terrible experience for students, but communication and care could be improved.

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