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Students Comment on the Current State of Fashion

By Gabriella Cavaleri, Staff Writer

Curtesy of Emily Szalkowski

Spring weather and vaccinations have given students a chance to show off their personal style on campus and at home. 

Some students focus their style on what’s trendy and new, Sophomore fashion merchandising major Ashley Forestal keeps up with the trends, but doesn’t let them limit her style.  

“I love following and keeping up with the latest trends. I keep them in mind when putting outfits together, but if something isn’t considered to be “in” at that exact moment, I don’t let that stop me from wearing it,” Forestal said.

 Freshman business major Emily Szalkowski likes to blend trendy pieces with her own personal style when getting dressed for the day. 

“Since quarantine started it’s become trendy to express yourself and be unique. You can wear literally whatever you want, and it would be hot,” Szalkowski said. “When I get dressed for the day I always think about the image I want to give off. The way you dress says a lot about your character.”

COVID-19 has affected the fashion industry greatly as many have had to work from home and shopping centers and retail stores slowly opened back up. 

Curtesy of Ashley Forestal

“The fashion industry was disrupted and impacted greatly over the last year, but that hasn’t stopped new trends from emerging,” sophomore fashion merchandising major Ashley Forestal said. “The latest trends I’ve noticed are wrap skirts, mini bags, and puffy sleeves.”

Sophomore fashion merchandising major Cassandra Cerbone reflects on how the pandemic has altered the state of fashion. Since a lot of time is now spent at home, cozy sets have become her go-to. 

“Cozy clothing has become such a trend due to corona,” Cerbone said. “I used to work in a boutique, and we would get more matching sets than dresses and blouses.” 

Tailgate Apparal’s Upcycled Tee
Curtesy of Cassandra Cerbone

Repurposed fashion is another trend Cerbone has noticed this year. She has incorporated this trend into her small business, “Tailgate Apparel USA” where she upcycles college gear and other clothing.

“I love to make elastic crop tops for myself and my small business, “Tailgate Apparel”,” she said. “I feel like it adds a little extra detail to a basic outfit.”

Freshman business and marketing major Gianna Pelella is also a small business owner who keeps trends in mind when designing for herself and her customers. Pelella believes that confidence shines through whatever you’re wearing.

“Right now I feel like urban styles, comfortable clothes, and a lot of early 2000s looks are really popular,” Pelella said. “I try to pay attention to which graphics and styles are trendy so that when I design logos and designs to put on clothing for my customers, I know the customer will love it and be in style.”

Clothing from “Custom By Gia” and “Tailgate Apparel USA” are available online.

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