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Students Prepare to Celebrate Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and students are getting ready for the day of love. Some students have big plans for the holiday, ranging from going on a date with a significant other, buying gifts for family, hanging out with friends, or going to see “Sonic the Hedgehog” in theaters.

Glenn Peters, senior health science major, plans on taking his valentine out to dinner and getting her flowers and a box of her favorite candy, Kit Kats. Glenn prefers to get her Kit Kats over traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates because of the “weird flavors” in regular
chocolatess, and he knows that she will like them better.

Some students are unable to spend the day with their significant other. Adreana Lomini freshman speech pathology major, is in a long distance relationship, so they will be mailing a gift to their girlfriend for Valentine’s day this year.

Many students plan to spend the day with family or friends. “I just spend time with family because that’s my love,” Sabrina Anath, a junior nursing major, said.

“I usually get flowers and a teddy bear for my mom just to spoil her.”

Students in the Emerging Student Theater Artists (ESTA) improv group “No Control” will
be putting on their first show of the semester on Valentine’s Day this year. Freshman theatre major Saffron Cooper plans to go see the show with all of her friends. “It’s pretty
big for the theater kids to go out and support No Control, so we’ll go and have a good time,” she said.

William Villalobos, a junior criminal justice major, has to work on Valentine’s Day, but
plans on meeting up with friends afterwards. “After work, I’m probably going to head to the movies with my friends, probably go see ‘Sonic,’” he said.


Students also offered their advice for their peers looking for ways to spend Valentine’s Day. “If you have a significant other, there is no shame in asking ahead of time what they would be into, or what they like,” Tyrese Bailey, a senior psychology major, said. “Not everything has to be a surprise.”

Bailey also believes that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about spending time with others. “If you’re celebrating by yourself then enjoy time with you,” he said.

“I feel like Valentine’s Day would be a great day to hang out with your family and your
friends,” Villalobos said. “I would say go to a restaurant, maybe do something at home like watch a movie. Just enjoy time with the people you love.”

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