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Students React to Blue Banister

By Ella Barrington, Staff Writer

Lana Del Rey’s eighth album “Blue Banisters” was released on Oct. 22. According to Billboard, “Blue Banisters” has already reached the #1 spot on the Alternative Album Chart. 

Lately, Del Rey has been working nonstop on her music career with this album being the second one she has released within the year, with the first one being “Chemtrails Over the Country Club,” an album that made Del Rey fans go through a series of emotions.

Del Rey is an artist with a reputation of being problematic and her behavior has been in the news more than her music. According to senior musical theatre major Gabby Lavoie, who has been a fan of Del Rey since she was 12 years old, she usually doesn’t want to separate the art from the artist but she believes Del Rey has good intentions.

“From a fan standpoint, I want to say that she comes from a good place and that she oversteps from where she’s coming from, however it’s hard to say that because I don’t personally know her. With that being said, with her, I do try to separate the music from the artist even though I don’t like doing that for other people, ” Lavoie said.

Lavoie was surprised that Del Rey released two albums in the same year, but she thinks that it was easier for her because a lot of her music sounds similar.

“Something that I really like about her music is that you’re going to get a little bit of the same thing and I think that because her music is usually always similar then it’s almost easier in a sense to release two albums,” Lavoie said. 

However, Lavoie admitted that this album was not her favorite.

“I liked the album “Norman Fucking Rockwell” a lot more than this album and I believe that Blue Banisters felt a little rushed,” she said.

Some believed that this was her best album yet. According to sophomore Charli Cohen, who hasn’t been a fan of Del Rey long, “Blue Banisters” tells a story of a past relationship. 

“I like “Blue Banisters” because of how she opens up about her recent relationship with a police officer from Oklahoma. And I feel like in this album she’s sharing who she truly is and it’s beautiful,” Cohen said. 

Cohen and Lavoie both agree that holding an artist accountable is important and even though they are both fans of Del Rey, some of the problematic comments she makes, as well as her “Question for the Culture” Instagram post in July 2020, are just not okay. Both agree that when Del Rey deleted her social media accounts fairly recently, it was the best thing for her.

“I think that making the decision to delete her social media accounts was probably a smart thing because Lana is going to do what Lana wants and staying off of the media will prevent that,” Cohen said.

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