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Students react to New York Fashion Week

By Grace Catanese, Staff Writer

         Many students were excited about Fashion Week for the fall season in New York, considering the fact that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the state.

         Since the coronavirus pandemic hit America, almost all social events were canceled, therefore, this year’s Fashion Week was a really exciting one for many. The first fashion Week shows that took place in September in 2021 were a major success for the designers who were involved; many well-known designers have been preparing for this Fashion Week.

         With COVID-19 still being a risk, the necessary protocols were in effect for people to attend the fashion shows.

         “In order to have the shows be in person, it is smart to take the necessary safety precautions to allow people to feel more comfortable while watching the shows in person,” sophomore and education major Robert Metzger said.

         CBS New York had released an article, titled, “New York Fashion Week Returns With Live In-Person Runway Shows,” that discusses Fashion Week and the COVID-19 protocols that it consisted of.

         “More than 135 designers are taking part in Fashion Week, and COVID protocols are in place, from having to be double vaccinated to being encouraged to wear a mask in doors,” Cindy Hu included in the article.

         Since there is an overwhelming number of designers taking part in New York’s Fashion Week, safety needed to come first in order to proceed with having the shows in person.

         Some of these well-known designers being featured in Fashion Week include: Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Tom Ford.

         “I think it’s great that so many people are excited about this upcoming Fashion Week and it’s so exciting seeing the designers be able to show off their newest fashions to the public,” sophomore business major Lauren Ritirato said.

         While there are many famous designers who participate, Fashion Week is one of the events where many new designers take the opportunity to show their fashions in hopes of creating a bigger name for themselves.

         Some of these new designers include Bruce and Glen Proctor, twins who created a unisex fashion brand.

         Nylon had released an article, titled, “Meet The 12 Designers Making Their New York Fashion Week Debut,” about a lot of the new designers who will be attending Fashion Week and Bruce and Glen were included in the article.

    “Created by twins Bruce and Glen Proctor, who got their start designing for brands like Sean John and American Rag, BruceGlen is a unisex fashion label known for its vibrant apparel and accessories that unlock the child within us all.”

         What makes BruceGlen stand out is their choice of fabrics, due to its bright and colorful patterns, therefore, it will likely draw much attention from the people watching the runway shows.

         “I think it’s amazing how Fashion Week serves more than just the purpose of showing well-known designers clothing, but it also serves as a great opportunity for new designers to get their foot in the door with having their brand become more popular,” sophomore business major Gabrielle Previti said.

Students are excited to see what new looks designers bring to their shows this year.

         “It’s so cool to see how much success Fashion Week can bring designers and what designs are being debuted at the shows,” Metzger said.

         Fashion Week in New York took place from Feb. 11 to Feb. 16.

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