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Surviving Freshman Year

Well freshmen, throughout the last week or so many of you have probably been smacked in the face with the reality that midterms are here; which means your first semester as a freshman is almost over. Pat yourselves on the back– you’ve made it. Experience is the greatest teacher, or so they say, and now that you have some of that under your belt here is some advice for surviving what is left of your freshman year. There are so many crucial things to know that it is difficult to number them in an order of importance, so take them as you will.

Make a connection. Many of us come from high schools where your success is tracked and ensured by teachers and advisors. However, at college it is important to go out and make that connection yourself. Make yourself known to your advisor, your professors, and the head of your department. All of these connections will help you out in the long run. Always make a plan before going to a meeting with someone; for example, if you are going to plan your schedule with your advisor make sure your own voice is heard, not that you are just complying with what they want you to do. If you are not satisfied with something, question it and go see someone else. College is all about being independent and going after what you want. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity because someone gave you wrong information and you didn’t double check.

Freshman Jonathan Seltzer advises to “know when to study and when to have fun. I learned through experience by going out and getting a bad grade on a test the next day,” he said. Priorities are especially important as a college student. Whether you live on campus or commute, knowing how to differentiate when it’s time to do school work and time to party will make or break your semester. If you don’t stay on track with your classes, it will impact the outcome of your semester drastically. Make schedules for yourself and set aside time every day to study and do homework. If you have an hour and a half break in the middle of the day, solely dedicate that time to school work and you will feel much better than knowing later that night you can’t go out because you have to study for a test.

This is supposedly one of the best experiences of your life, and it is in your power to do everything you can to make that happen. “Use ‘rate my professor’! It helps a lot!” sophomore Georgia Tsoumas said.  At C.W. Post, students make their own schedules so take advantage of that. Make your experience as rich as you possibly can. Think about what interests you and then apply it to how you can contribute to the campus community using your interests. Whether you get a job at the Pratt to not only make some extra cash but meet great people, or take a yoga class during common hour, it will still give you a chance to meet others with common interests. Being a freshman can be an overwhelming experience, but C.W. Post offers many resources for you to have a great year so make sure to take advantage of anything you can.


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