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Tattoos Are Not Welcome Here

Kathleen Joyce

     According to, tattoos have become a popular cultural phenomenon in the past fifteen years, as well as a thriving business. Tattoo parlors have popped up everywhere recently, and young adults have created tattoo portfolios that come equipped with unique designs.

Shows like ‘LA Ink’ have redefined the tattoo. Tattoos aren’t just a permanent mark on your body; they are a mark of who you are as a person. Each tattoo represents something special to that person, and many of them come with some great stories. While tattoos maybe appealing, they come with a few negatives, such as the effect they may have on getting a job.

According to the New York Times, some bosses have not hired people with visible tattoos because they leave an impression that the potential employees have been in jail, or are members of a gang. Other bosses think that customers, or other employees, will be afraid of the potential employees because of the tattoos.

At C.W. Post, there are hundreds of students with tattoos for various reasons, but are they afraid of not getting a job because of them?

“I have a total of three tattoos, each one representing a significant event that has changed my life in a positive way,” said Dave Levine, nutrition major and employee of C.W. Post,. “When I look at my tattoos, they are a continuous reminder to always keep moving forward and to take each day with an open mind. As for future job prospects and having tattoos go, I’m personally not worried about potentially being rejected because I have them. In today’s world, tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable and common in the workplace. I would prefer not to hide something that I am proud of, and if they ask me to cover them up, then I’m not interested in being part of something that shallow.”

Kathleen Faust, sophomore undecided says, “I have four tattoos, none of them that are noticeable. Two are on my back, one is on my ribs and then there’s one on my upper thigh, so I don’t have the problem, but I do think people should think into tattoos before getting one. I am currently having a tattoo lasered off slowly. It sucks, so my word of advice is never get a tattoo that you’ll regret.”

As an owner of three tattoos myself, I wasn’t even thinking of a job when I got them. The tattoos are located on my bicep, back, and my ankle. None of them are really visible except for my ankle, which can be covered up with pants if needed. A tip from the Internet suggested covering up the tattoos with make-up, but why do that everyday? Show your tattoos proudly; they make you who you are.

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