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Ten Facts about Post, Part VII

By Rebecca Martelotti
Assistant Features Editor

  1. The Health Care Professions program is going to expand further in the direction of nursing by offering more classes and different concentrations.
  2. The Tilles Center used to be called the “dome” because of its shape, and was a center for Rock and Roll concerts in the 1970s. The building collapsed one winter under the weight of a heavy snowstorm. The Tilles family then re-built the facility so that all the popular musicians, opera singers, and musical actors could perform on campus.
  3. The Little Theater is the only building on campus that has remained the same since it was first built when Majorie Merriweather owned the property. The university has had a theatre program since 1970.
  4. The Pioneer has been published for 58 years. The newspaper, at one point in the 1980s, had very little campus news but many advertisements for local businesses.
  5. The university once had a student literary magazine called Loomings. It was put into place by a retired English professor, Dan Levin. The magazine featured both literary work and artwork.
  6. In the center of the Great Lawn there used to be a 100-year-old, giant tree at the time when the Mansion was owned by Charles William Post. During a nasty storm, the tree was struck by lightning and removed. The tree that is currently there was planted in the 1980s.
  7. A 40-acre portion of the campus is designated as an arboretum. The arboretum is open to the public seven days a week, free of charge. It is a self-guided tour that begins and ends at Hillwood Commons and lasts anywhere from 30–45 minutes.
  8. A Dutch gardener, who worked on campus but retired, tagged all the trees with both their English and Latin names so people could come to campus and walk through the arboretum to view the rare trees.
  9. There are a total of 4,000 trees on the 307-acre campus. Out of those trees, 125 are very rare.
  10. LIU Post is nationally recognized as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation, according to the U.S. News Rankings and Reviews.

    A shot of “The Quad,” located across from the chapel
    A shot of “The Quad,” located across from the chapel

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