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The Commuter Column: The Food

Kathleen Joyce

Food, it’s what we need to live and it’s also enjoyable, so we should look forward to the times when we do eat, right? When it’s that time of day during class and you go get your food of choice, what do you guys choose? Maybe you hop on the ridiculous line at Subway, maybe it’s a quick bite at Humanities or Pell Hall, or maybe you leave the campus to get your fix, but what’s easiest for you commuters?

Last week, I did a marathon, which would be quicker to go off campus for food or to stay on campus? Obviously, staying on campus was easiest, but what was more enjoyable? One day I grabbed sushi from Hillwood and sat down on a couch and read the newspaper. Sounds placid? The next day I drove over to Moe’s and got a salad. This was all during Common Hour and I must say I wasn’t crazy about the atmosphere at Moe’s. There were hoards of students and there were barely any places to sit. I mean they do serve beer there, which is all the reason to stay, but sometimes I like a nice and relaxed environment. The food was good, but I was rushed by some students who were looking for seats, and I felt bad taking up a large table.

If I really wasn’t happy with the food choices at Post, I would just bring my own lunch and refuse to buy anything from the cafeteria, but I’m all right with the choices and anything is better than my mother’s cooking. So for those of you who are not satisfied with the food choices at Post, it’s fine but it’s not changing at any point soon so to do something about it, you have to rely on yourself. Bring your own food or drive to get yourself something you would prefer. Bringing your own lunch saves a bunch of cash; so maybe it’s worth a try? Or for those who are just neutral about the subject, everything the way it is okay for now. The food at the café doesn’t take that long to prepare and the long line at the Hillwood Café goes quickly. When looking for a place to lunch consider the options of Subway, Java City, the Hillwood Café, the Ocelot, or the library café. For off campus think of Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Yogurt and Such, Moe’s Grill, the few pizza places, the bagel café, Wendy’s, Burger King, or Ben’s Kosher Deli. Take it upon yourselves, we have the cars, so take a friend out to lunch during your break. It’s nice to take some time out for yourselves.

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