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The Runway Club Returns to Campus

By Lila Nolan, Staff Writer

After taking a year long hiatus, The Runway is back and ready to restore their positive role on campus celebrating students of all demographics on the club’s 10 year anniversary. 

The Runway meets virtually every Monday and Wednesday from 8-10 p.m. Due to this semester’s COVID-19 regulations, the club has been unable to meet in person. 

The Runway prides themselves on being a multicultural club and one of LIU’s only clubs with predominantly Black members. They are a major outlet of support for Black designers, DJs, models, photographers, brands, and creatives. Each year they host a spring fashion show that utilizes and showcases these talents to the campus community. Although The Runway makes a creative point in promoting Black creatives with their platform, they welcome members and outlets of all demographics. 

The Runway prides itself on being a safe space for students to expand their creative niches, showcase both their internal and external beauty and promote self confidence, said Tevani Hibbert, a senior computer science major and club president. “We’re here to promote confidence, self love and individualism to all students at the LIU Post campus,” she said.

Hibbert views The Runway as an integral part of the campus’s culture. “The Runway being back is more than just a club being available. It’s a part of the LIU culture that we wanted to bring back and make even better,” she said.  

The Runway takes active measures towards fostering and enriching the university’s environment for all students, according to Hibbert. They do so by actively participating in fashion, modeling, photography, and confidence centered functions used to enlighten and celebrate the students. 

As The Runway moves ahead this semester, a major focus of theirs is reaching new and eager students with their ambitious messages of positivity. Currently, between the remote and on campus students The Runway has 21 active student members. 

At this time, three of the eboard positions are filled by Madison DeBose, a junior business administration major, as vice president and Kwan Burke, a junior business administration major, as the fashion coordinator, but Hibbert said that they are looking for dedicated students of interest to fulfill the remaining leadership positions. 

The Runway club encourages all who are intrigued by their return and message of self love, confidence and creativity to follow them on Instagram at @liu_therunway. Students with questions are suggested to direct message the account to get in touch with active club members.

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