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The Student Body Boutique’s Fall Festival

By Richard Sirio, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Richard Sirio

The Student Body Boutique (SBB) hosted a fall festival that showcased student creators and campus organizations on Nov. 3 during common hour in Hillwood Commons. The festival had students selling clothing from their small businesses and a few student-run organizations that are raising funds for their club. Whether charitable or profitable, the students involved with The Fall Festival enjoyed their time interacting with the student body.

The Student Body Boutique is a student-run organization nestled into Hillwood behind the concierge counter and the ever-known Starbucks.The fall festival is an idea both brought up and brought to fruition by junior marketing major and vice president of public relations for the SBB, Emma Robinson.

“The fall festival exists due to the determination and brilliance of Emma,” sophomore finance major and creative director of the SBB, Emily Szalkowski, said. “This wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Emma.”

The boutique hosted this event as a fun way to give back to the community on campus, and hosted it in a popular area of Hillwood to garner students’ attention.

“I was on my way to Starbucks, when I noticed the pastries and the cute pants,” senior musical theatre major Ricky Dobbs said. “I think it’d be super cool to experience something like this annually.” 

The fall festival had many eye-catchers. Attracting passersby within every few minutes. With the exposure and funds that they had received, the boutique and the organizations that participated in the festival are eager to set up a table once more in the near future.

“Eventually, I would love to host it twice a year. Especially in the spring,” Szalkowski said.

 Clubs at Post reacted exuberantly to the festival being held annually. 

“I definitely would like for it to happen annually. I think It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness for our cause,” vice president of the vet tech club and junior vet tech major Sarah Henderson said. “[The vet tech club is] tabling to fundraise and raise awareness for North Shore Animal League with cat and dog baskets.”

Since it is a brand new function and this past Wednesday was essentially the first event of its kind, constructive criticism from students is crucial for the SBB.

“I think this whole thing is amazing, but I will admit that I would like to see more options [for vendors],” Dobbs said.

For future updates on Student Body Boutique events, follow them on Instagram @thestudentbody_liu.

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