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The Sun Isn’t Always Fun

Megan Draghi Staff Writer


With last week’s rising temperatures, it truly felt like spring. LIU Post students spent their common hour on the Great Lawn and Riggs Lawn, relaxing and talking with the sun beating down upon them. A little sun exposure is never a bad thing, but what happens if you have too much?

According to, which is an organization that releases different information for the safety and knowledge of the United States public, research has shown that, “Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, with more than one million cases diagnosed every year. More diagnosed skin cancers are related to sun exposure.”

Skin cancer is easier to get than people realize. Though the public is educated about the disease through books, media reports, and health classes, it is still a slightly foreign concept for some.

LIU Post students were asked what they felt about the sun and its effects, including the risk of skin cancer, as well as whether or not the constant exposure was a good thing. Anthony Mendez, a freshman Business major, said, “It’s common sense that skin cancer is caused by the sun. Hopefully people will remember to take that to heart and be aware of it.”

Sara Nami, a senior Art Therapy major, said, “Now that it’s spring, it’s great that more students are outside. Skin cancer is a big deal though and that’s why I try to be careful when I go out on the Great Lawn or Riggs Lawn.” mentions some symptoms of skin cancer to look out for, such as: “Changes in the skin, including the size or color of a mole, or a new growth; scaliness, oozing, bleeding, or a change in the appearance of a bump or nodule on the skin; the spread of darker pigmentation beyond the edges of a mole; and a change in sensation, itchiness, tenderness, or pain.”

With these known symptoms, it is best to do a self-full body check every couple of months to make sure that you are cancer free.

If you do not know what exactly to look for, ask the LIU Post health office or other medical professionals.

I believe that it is completely normal to want a tan. Instead of going for tanning oil, grab the sunblock. You can still easily be tan and you will save yourself from skin cancer, sunburn, and future wrinkles. Especially if you have fair skin like me, sunblock is a must. For anyone, it can become a matter of life or death.

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