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The Thirst Project Joins the Post Campus

By Lila Nolan, Staff Writer

A new club called The Thirst Project has made their debut on campus this semester. This eco-friendly club has been established with the goal of making the Post community, and the world, a better place to live through environmental care. 

The Thirst Project meets every other Wed. during common hour via Zoom. 

The Thirst Projects President and business administration freshman, Matthew Cairo, came to Post this school year in hopes of making it a greener campus. Cairo was a member of The Thirst Project at his high school, and wanted to bring the clubs eco-friendly initiatives to campus. This was the spark that ignited The Thirst Project club. 

“When you help The Thirst Project, you’re not only giving people the human right of clean and safe water, but an overall better life,” Cairo said.

The Thirst Project is the largest youth water organization with an overall mission to end the water crisis affecting millions of people across the globe. From a global standpoint, they set out to help the 663 million people who don’t have access to safe and clean drinking water. On a local scale, the club’s initiative is to make the campus community a recycling one all while locating funds to assist the larger global scale of the project as well. 

This semester, The Thirst Project hopes to spread the word of their positive initiative by installing more recycling bins on campus. They also plan to host and co-host many fundraising events for charities. 

The Thirst Project is here to include the campus community in making a global difference by giving millions of people the basic human right of clean water. This club objective goes hand in hand with The Thirst Projects powerful slogan “give water, give life”. 

The Thirst Project encourages all who are intrigued by their campus debut and initiative of a cleaner, more eco-friendly world to follow them on Instagram at @liuthirst. Students with questions about getting involved can direct message the account to get in touch with active club members. 

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