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Times Are Hard: Off-Campus Shuttle Bus

By Destiny Diggs
Staff Writer

There are ways to enjoy what is on campus as well as off campus. LIU Post offers two off-campus shuttles that give all Post students the opportunity to visit locations in close proximity to the school provided they present a student ID-card. The shuttles run seven days a week to local destinations such as: Pathmark, Moe’s, NEFCU, TJ Maxx, Hicksville Train Station, and Broadway Mall. In order to use transportation services, Post students can go to the Interfaith Center (“The Chapel”) or the N-20 bus stop, which is located near the B. Davis Schawartz Memorial Library.

Students board the off-campus shuttle, which travels to destinations such as the Hicksville Train Station and Pathmark. Photo: Janisha Sanford
Students board the off-campus shuttle, which travels to destinations such as the Hicksville Train Station and Pathmark.
Photo: Janisha Sanford

The Hicksville shuttle starts at 7 a.m and ends at 9:10 p.m. Monday through Friday, seating 25 passengers. Throughout the week there is also a shuttle that travels to Pathmark, starting at 12:20 p.m. and ending at 5 p.m, holding fourteen passengers. The off-campus shuttles drive to locations that are highly demanded by LIU Post students and should be taken advantage of by all.

Lately, many students have had complaints about the shuttles not being consistent with traveling. “The shuttle is convenient when it is on time, but it is inconvenient when it stops in the middle of the day,” said Donique Berry, a sophomore Forensic Science major. “There have been many times I’ve had to take the regular bus that runs hourly,” she said.

“The times of the shuttle bus do not line up with class times, which is inconvenient for students who do not have a car and commute,” said Ervin Gonzales, a freshmen Musical Theater major.

I think that extending the times will not only give students the time to go to the city, but it will be a good help for students who travel back and fourth from home on the weekends. Also extending the times during the week will make more sense so students can go home right after class instead of having to wait on campus after their classes have ended.

Taking a look at the off-campus shuttle schedule to make revisions will be beneficial to commuters who may live in one of the five boroughs as well as non-commuters. Whether it is during the week or the weekend, having a little extra time to get back to campus free of charge is less burdening to college students than paying for public transportation. Also, the off-campus shuttle transportation is safer than public transportation because LIU Post ensures their students are safe, which gives students a peace of mind. Currently, the off-campus shuttle is not good enough because of its schedule. If the off-campus shuttle times are extended I believe that the shuttle bus will become more successful and more students will use the service.

The off-campus shuttle schedule is available at the concierge desk at Hillwood Commons and in every dormitory housing facility.

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