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To All You Spring Breakers

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

Spring break has come, which is only a phenomenon in England, meaning that it doesn’t exist back home. Alcohol, sex, loud music, and the freedom to do whatever I want were only things I could dream of, but it’s now becoming a reality! From London to New York, and now to Acapulco, where I’ll be spending spring break – how nuts is this?

For many of us who live in England, we don’t have exotic places surrounding us like you Americans do. Wales, Ireland, and Scotland don’t count as exotic destinations, right? No, I didn’t think so! About the most exotic you get in Glasgow, Scotland is a needle and a bottle of whiskey, which I guess may appeal to some readers. I’m joking! (Although I don’t think my Scottish friend Camo would be impressed of my analogy of his home city).

The opportunity to travel to places such as Florida, Cancun, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, or Acapulco is very rare for college students, so being close enough to afford such a trip is amazing! I am sure it is the same for many of us international students. Because we are so lucky to have the opportunity to go somewhere amazing – since we are young and it’s spring break – get out there and have an absolute blast!

This week has been full of ghastly midterms and tedious essays, so when YOU go, wherever that may be, find that equilibrium we spoke about last week and go wild, party, have fun; enjoy the nudity, alcohol, and loud music!

Remember when you return, it’s straight back into the swing of school, work, and studying, so don’t be that one student finishing an essay that’s due the Monday after spring break. Make sure that’s not on your spring break to-do list!

As I spoke about last week, stress is something that will catch up to you, and you will regret not having that rest. Therefore, we have to remember, for our own health and well being, to have an amazing break, right? This is what the time off is designed for: to make sure we, as students, don’t burn out or exhaust ourselves.

Take spring break 2015 by the scruff of its neck and have a fantastic time. You may not party every night during the days you are away, but make sure you’re appreciating your surroundings, and the people you are with – not that macroeconomics book, which could bore Scrooge himself!

If you guys don’t have the luxury of going away, there are still some cool things you can partake in over the break. Now that the weather is improving and the marvelous sun is making an appearance, the vast beaches Long Island has to offer really do become an option.

Of course, going to the fantastic setting of Manhattan is also a viable choice. Another quirky and interesting outing Long Island has to offer is its many breweries; there are so many to choose from, and learning the history of the booze you binge every weekend would almost make it a must to drink!

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