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Transitioning Apparel – Winter to Spring

Abigail Brosnan Staff Writer

As the seasons change from winter to spring, so does our apparel. The spring eases the transition from the extreme cold to the summer heat, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what clothes to wear in-between.

For shoes, you can soon replace your warm, fuzzy boots with flats. These, along with being a comfortable choice and keeping your toes warm, don’t look like you’re jumping into a summer state of mind just yet. They provide a great transition and are practical yet fashionable. My recommended flats are Sperry’s. They have stability in their soles, a wide variety of options to fit your individual style, and are trendy no matter which shoe you strut. Not to mention, they have both a women and men’s line!

As far as pants go, that’s easy! More options become available as the season changes, giving us the opportunity to dust off our cropped denim and take them for a spin. If you’re looking for a good quality pair this year, Abercrombie & Fitch is your go-to store! The skinny ankle jeans are a perfect example of cropped transition jeans, leaving space between your ankle and calf. This space is both comfortable and fashionable during the spring, giving your leg air to breathe, as well as focusing more attention on your shoes. Why not get as much attention you can for the prices you paid?

Shirt selections are a bit trickier. A lot of people don’t know whether they should go for the short sleeves and risk being a little cold, or the long sleeves with a chance of being too hot. I usually find a medium between the two; instead of picking one or the other, I’ll pair a short sleeve/tank top with a cardigan or zip-up, leaving me the option of both. It’s the best of both worlds! Is the AC too high in class? No problem, you remembered your cardigan. The same goes for guys. Pair your t-shirts with a casual hoodie or zip-up. This gives you on-the-go options, and can ensure your comfort no matter the weather. Rummage through your shirts from last summer, because these are often the best choice when it comes to the following spring (especially when you’re saving up your money for new summer clothes)!

Ladies, don’t forget you can accessorize your spring-transition selections with a light scarf. These add style to your outfit but aren’t designed to keep your neck warm in winter weather.

The transition from winter to spring often happens without warning, so make sure you’re prepared; don’t leave your shopping for the last minute because you’ll be stuck wearing apparel that’s either too hot or too cold. Check out discount stores such as TJ Maxx or Century 21 for good deals on your clothing. These stores usually have an abundance of discounted brand names. Next time, be sure to visit your favorite stores while the winter is still at its peak. Sales for winter vacation at warm locations are often discovered and this provides cheaper buys for the same style clothes you will get once spring and summer roll around.

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