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TWice as Nice Hits the Floor the with Snow Ball

TWice as Nice


Georgia Panagi
Staff Writer

With winter still in full mo­tion, January had some unlikely warm days, but all the while a winter wonderland was being created at Post. With that in mind, the club TWIce as Nice announced that it was holding a “Snow Ball” on January 31, from 7:00 p.m. to midnight in the Tilles Atrium.

The feedback from students was enthusiastic. This event of­fered a time for friends to dress up in formal attire and hit the dance floor. Tickets were sold for $5 per person and $7 per couple. Proceeds were donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

TWIce as Nice had a “fancy” clothing drive for people who did not have something to wear to a formal event such as this one. A week before the Snow Ball, TWIce as Nice hosted a small event called, “TWIce as faNcy,” where people dropped off old dresses and dress clothes and people were allowed to come and take a dress for free. They re­ceived about eight dresses and a few dress shirts. However, since no students picked any of the clothing, TWIce as Nice decided to donate the dress clothes they received.

Word spread about the Snow Ball through word of mouth and through members on the TWIce as Nice Facebook and Twitter pages. The Snow Ball tickets sold out in just one week thanks to the excitement surrounding the event. Afterwards, the club an­nounced that it would let some people in at the door to help with the demand. The line at the door was so long that some people could not even get in. Around 150 people attended.

Junior Patrick Madden said, “The ball was pretty dope. It was nice to have fun on this campus for once. It was good to be able to unwind and just let loose for a night with friends.”

The event was co-sponsored by LAWS, The Runway, Alpha Xi Delta, SGA, ACP, Student Caribbean Association, NAACP, PAGANS, LASO, LSU, Ball­room Dance Club, Zeta Phi Beta, Dumbledore’s Army, Delta Phi Epsilon, Student Dance Associa­tion, BSU, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Circle K.

Aramark catered the event. Entertainers included DJ Sparkx, a popular disc jockey on the LIU Post campus; student Cody Petit, who sang “Believe” by Josh Groban; student Abigail Dawson, who sang “Love” by Keyshia Cole; and members of the TWIce as Nice e-board and general mem­bers, who performed a tango routine.

Tia-Mona Greene, one of the presidents of TWIce as Nice said, “The Snow Ball was like a dream come true. I seriously didn’t stop smiling the entire night.”

Her twin sister, the other president of TWIce as Nice, Bria-Letã Greene said, “I just want to thank everyone that helped out and attended because they turned a small vision in my head into an amazing night that I never ex­pected to get so big and wonder­ful.”

The twins said they are try­ing to plan more events in the near future, and that the Snow Ball may become an annual event.

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