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“Uncharted” released in theaters

By Lexi DeLorimiere, Staff Writer

Uncharted” was released in theaters Feb. 18, 2022. Starring Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, the film is filled with adventure and struggle to find a treasure worth five billion. 

The film is based on the prequel storyline from the Naughty Dog video game for PlayStation, and focuses on Drake’s first encounter with the professional rogue, Sullivan. Audience ratings are listed at 90 percent, while Rotten Tomatoes rated the film 41 percent.

In the film, Sullivan recruits the young street-smart Nathan Drake to accompany him on a journey to find a 500-year-old lost treasure accumulated by explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The heist soon turns into a race to reach the treasure before the merciless Santiago Moncada gets his hands on it. After crossing paths with old friends, the duo sets out to achieve the greatest treasure hunt of all time.

There are several opinions about the film’s performance, both positive and negative. Some feel as though Tom Holland was not the right fit for his character since Drake was conceived as a throwback Indiana Jones, or that his instincts should have been sharper. Others feel that Tom Holland was cast because of his likable personality, but he simply did not have what it takes to fit into the gritty character. 

Mark Wahlberg was accepted as a good character fit as someone who provided a good balance between his charisma and the exhausted tone of a treasure hunter who has seen and done enough, and simply wants a final expedition that can set him up for life.

“I think the movie was pretty good overall. It differed from the video game in some respects. For example, Drake and Sullivan looked different, but they played the characters well and acted off each other. Unlike the games, the movie is the story of the beginning of their friendship, rather than one that’s been built up over decades,” junior accounting major Juliana DeLeon said.

The film is heavily compared to the adventurous “Indiana Jones” series. However, “Uncharted” is still seen as respectable for its own franchise.

“I would not place “Uncharted” on the same level as “Indiana Jones,” but it is nevertheless exciting and thrilling in its own ways. The movie has been set up with a sequel in mind, and I can envision it growing into its own identity. A child who grows up on Tom Holland in “Uncharted” might have the same fondness as someone who grew up with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones,” senior sports management major Ashlee Garrett said.

The sequel is rumored to be released in roughly three years according to the director, Ruben Fleischer.

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