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Viral Video of Gorilla Glue in a Woman’s Hair Goes Viral

By Jada Harrison, Staff Writer

 Tessica Brown posted a video on TikTok that explained how she ran out of Got 2 B hairspray, and instead used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray because she believed it would have the same effect. The video was posted on Feb. 3, and went viral.

The Gorilla Glue stuck to Brown’s hair for over a month, and she claims that she had tried to wash her hair over 30 times, even showing her followers that shampoo would not remove the glue in a video.  After weeks of trying different solutions recommended by the internet, a doctor reached out to Brown. Dr. Obeng flew Brown out to California for glue-removal surgery for free. Obeng used medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone to break down the polyurethane, which is the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue. Brown had set up a Gofundme page, where she asked for $1,500 to help seek the original medical attention she needed, but she quickly received over $20,000 from donors as the video of her showing the glue in her hair reached millions of people.

After the Gofundme surpassed its $1,500 goal, and Brown’sstory began getting lost in translation throughout the month, people began to question if getting media fame and money was the plan from the beginning.

 Junior nursing major Jahaila Harly disagrees with Brown’s mishpa being planned

 “I don’t think she did it on purpose because I don’t think a woman more specifically a Black woman would ruin their hair for short lived internet fame,” Harly said. “She also ended up giving the money away.” 

Harly doesn’t think Tessica knew the implications of gorilla glue or the power of the internet.

 “The people on the internet are really the ones who made the entire situation blow up, but then again, the internet is known for making people famous for their stupidity.” 

Students like senior biology major Rondino Rameau have mixed feelings about Brown’s intentions.

“I honestly think she genuinely didn’t know and was trying to maybe be funny a bit in her video,” he said. “Then again, I can’t really tell what was going on since usually with viral videos. It’s always the same story of ‘I don’t know why this blew up’.”

Rameau doesn’t think that Tessica should’ve gotten donations.

“I don’t really think she should’ve received it, because she did do it to herself, and doesn’t the bottle say not [to] use[it] on the skin or hair?” 

Both Rameau and Harly agree that it was a  relief to see Brown get the glue removed from her hair.

 “I didn’t expect the result to look undamaged, I am happy for her though I’m sure a month with gorilla glue on your scalp is painful,” Harly said.

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