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Walking it Off

Did you know that you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness plan just because you can’t make it to the Pratt Center?  Well the Pioneer heard your concerns and researched how you can stay in shape just by walking to class. You may be surprised to learn that brisk walking can be almost as challenging as jogging. Studies show that race-runners get just as good of a workout as walkers.

If getting to the Pratt Center is just out of the question, there are ways to stay in shape just by adjusting your route to class. Our friends at the Pratt Center have some really good tips on how to keep up with your workouts. The fitness advisors recommend that you really stick to your healthy diet but also suggest that you walk/ jog during common hour. Most people eat, sleep, study, or do homework during common hour, so why is taking a little jog so out of the question? Exercising in the middle of the day will help to raise your energy levels and keep you in a positive state of mind. We all know you’re tired, but exercising will actually reverse your fatigue.

Other ways of you improving your walking around campus is to invest in really good shoes. Without the right shoes you could be hurting your back and hips, and not getting all that you can out of your workout.  According to The American Academy of Podiatric sports medicine,  the highest rated brands of walking shoes are Asics, Brooks, New Balance, and Saucoy –all in which are at affordable prices! Good walking shoes are an important investment that will help your body overall.

Another way of improving your walk is to take a longer route to your class. Leave your dorm or house earlier and maybe park on the other side of campus.  By taking longer walks you are increasing your cardio levels and burning calories. Last but not least don’t be lazy, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking up stairs is a great way to burn unwanted calories. Whereas these tips will not replace your Pratt Center workout they sure will help you keep on the right track. Good Luck Guys, use these tips wisely!


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