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WCWP celebrates 60 years

By Lila Nolan, Staff Writer

LIU’s very own WCWP radio station celebrated its 60th anniversary on the air on Oct. 18, 2021.

Over the past 60 years, WCWP has delivered insight and entertainment to the entire LIU community. Throughout its time on campus, WCWP has become a landmark of history for all of Long Island. The LIU Post campus radio station is the oldest college radio station on Long Island. 

WCWP has always had a unique ability to illuminate current events while diffusing the current interest of the students, but also for bringing the student body together. Senior adolescent education major and Co-Station-Manager Jordan Georgiano said the radio station has positively impacted his time at Post.

“My freshman year, I was rather shy, and during fall of 2018, a friend of mine brought me to the station several times while he was doing his live rock n’ roll show,” he said. “While I was there, I ended up talking to some of the other members of the station and found that I had a lot in common with them. Many of them became close friends of mine to this day.”

In its time on campus, WCWP has become more than just a radio station; it embodies the LIU community. Among the lifelong friendships between students and even staff, WCWP has also evolved into a beloved alumni community. During the last 60 years, WCWP has developed an alumni association of hundreds of alumni. 

This alumni association is a special addition to the LIU community, with many successful names and personalities that still remain engaged on campus today. These alumni have stayed in touch and are involved with one another and the campus community in many ways. LIU and WCWP alumni Jeff Kroll has been involved with the radio station for 50 years.

“I walked into WCWP 50 years ago, in Sept. 1971, when I started my Freshman year at CW Post. Many of our folks have gone on to long careers in broadcasting, and many have not, but we’ve remained a tight-knit, ever-growing group through these years,” he said. “Our big event is Homecoming Weekend each year, where all the generations can get together.”

Over the years, WCWP’s alumni association has remained an active part of the station and its future endeavors. In recent years with the hard work of the current students, staff and the ever-growing support of the alumni, WCWP has accumulated more traction for its evolving content. Recently, WCWP has made history yet again by breaking the internet side of radio as well. After being a strictly FM station for a majority of its time on the air, WCWP has split into the FM side (WCWP) and the web side (The Wave). 

A remarkable endeavour such as this is not only gaining the station more exposure, but it raises levels of excitement across the student body as well. Students find more ways to get involved on campus while learning from the talented LIU staff.

Senior digital art and design major and Co-Station-Manager DeAnna Aguinaldo claims the station is becoming more of a commodity to students outside of just the communications department.

“One major change we’ve seen is how diverse the majors of our members have become. When I first joined, the ratio of broadcasting majors to none was very high,” she said. “Now it’s the complete opposite. It hurts to see the enrollment of broadcasting majors dwindle as each year passes, but it makes me happy to see other majors take an interest in the broadcasting field.”

Over the last 60 years, WCWP has remained a staple of the LIU community. It’s even evolved into so much more. From students to staff, everyone will agree that WCWP is a unique aspect of LIU. Students are always welcome to share ideas and spark their creativity. 

Therefore, celebrating a milestone like 60 years is not only a huge accomplishment for everyone involved but an exceptional aspect of their lives. Aguinaldo is excited about what the station has become and all the future memories it will hold.

As one of our alumni would say, ‘Morale is at an all-time high!’ We may come from different backgrounds, majors, interests, ages, but the morale we share with one another is something I don’t think a lot of other clubs or organizations truly have,” she said. “My members, new and old, they’re the biggest part of why I’m involved with the station. Without them, myself, WCWP, and The Wave wouldn’t be where they are today.”

You can listen to music, shows, and live sports for WCWP on 88.1 FM and The Wave on 

After 60 years of making memories and changing lives, WCWP has embarked on a special side of history for the LIU community.

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