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WCWP’s Annual Halloween Party

By Brian Riley
Staff Writor

On Thursday, Oct. 30, Halloween will come early to campus as WCWP, the campus radio station, will be hosting a Halloween party on the rooftop of Hillwood Commons. The party takes place during common hour, and is open to all students. WCWP is located behind Hillwood Commons.

The Halloween party is an annual tradition, according to Assistant Station Manager and alumni, Christina Kay. “The Halloween party has been going on probably since the beginning of time,” said Kay. The party will feature a DJ and free food. Students are urged to dress up, as there will likely be a costume related giveaway.

This will be WCWP’s second party of the semester, but this time the party will also mark the end of a weeklong scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was cooked up Kay and several other members of WCWP’s Sports department. This is another attempt by the station to get students involved. The participants who signed up will find different items across campus and post them on social media as part of the contest. The winners will receive a $100 dollar gift card for each group member. “I wish there was something like this when I was a student,” Kay added.

As a former student, Kay feels that these events do much more than promote the station by providing an opportunity to socialize at school. “We are here for the campus, whether it be online or on the radio.” Kay also feels that the events WCWP hosts are great opportunities for students who are unaware of the station.

Chris Maffei, Production Director and alumni, feels that these parties offer a taste of the station’s atmosphere. Maffei believes WCWP has parties to create a very social and lively environment. “[It’s] a home away from home,” Maffei said when describing the station.

Deandre Wilson, a junior Broadcasting major, agrees. Wilson, who is the co-host of the sports show “In The Clutch,” transferred to LIU Post last year and has attended every WCWP party since then. Wilson believes these parties are a unique way to promote the station. “I think it’s different, it’s a good way to put everyone together, and at the same time a lot of people can get involved,” he said.

Members of PTV, the campus television station, will be in attendance filming the event. For all of WCWP’s events, Maffei produces a highlight reel, which can be watched on WCWP’s YouTube channel. In the past, WCWP has had rap battles, dance offs, and a Michael Jackson impersonation at its events.

WCWP has several more events planned for this academic year. There are tentative dates in The End Zone, Winnick, and hopefully a Christmas-themed party, according to Kay.

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