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Delta Week’s Empire State of Mind week

Sandra Elien

Delta Week’s “Empire State of Mind” was filled with a weeklong set of activities consisting of “Color Me Culture,” “Fit NYC,”  “Select or Reject,” “Men’s Appreciation: Honoring the Kings,” and a trip to A. Holly Patterson Nursing Home. These weeklong activities started from January 31st and continued through February 4th. Nicole Ramlogan, a sophomore, said that Delta Week was “informative.” In an interview with the President of Pi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Rebecca Blair, shared how the idea came about, the events that took place, the outcome, and the positive feedback that was received.

Although Vice President of Delta Sigma Theta Karisma Owens helped in every aspect of creating ideas, programming and leading the program, Blair gave a rundown as to how Delta Week came about. You might think that their Men’s Appreciation Night tied into Valentine’s Day, but the women of the Pi Rho chapter had something else in mind.

“We thought of the program idea [Honoring the Kings] so that it can tie into Black History Month and honor men because when we think of Martin Luther King, we think of men and their leadership roles to support change and initiative,” said Blair. The series of events created throughout the week were centered around this same concept.

According to Blair, on Monday, “Color Me Culture” focused on “different cultures and basically how they related to American culture.” Tuesday’s “Fit NYC” was about “physical awareness, staying in shape, nutrition advice and healthy eating habits.” If that wasn’t enough, Wednesday’s “Select or Reject” was based on “interviewing skills and presentation skills” and also included a mock interview. Thursday’s event, entitled “Men’s Appreciation Honoring the Kings,” honored Dan Capalbo and Billy Achnitz for their roles on campus. The event also featured a dinner, catered by Aramak Food Services, and a ceremony. The turnout for these events were good. However, it was Friday’s event, which consisted of a community service trip to A Holly Patterson Nursing Home, which really ended Delta Week on a positive note.             Apparently, the number of students who were able to go outnumbered the students who had signed up to go on the trip. Blair commented that there was “not enough room for everyone who wanted to come.”  Those who were able to go were able to take part in activities with the nursing home residents, such as playing bingo, among other things. Due to this huge turnout, there is a possibility that this will become a tradition as a monthly trip. As Kellie Edwards, a freshman, stated, “it’s another opportunity for students.”

The feedback received for the event was positive. Blair said that some felt that “the programs were influential, the power points were good, the vibe in the audience opened great discussions, and people have taken into consideration what they eat,” in reference to Tuesday’s “Fit NYC” program.

The concept for each day’s event was inspired by different organizations. “The idea for each program came from our organizations five-point thrust program that includes economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, political awareness and involvement,” Blair said.

Blair had additional comments that she wanted to include. She said that, “Delta Week was successful overall and was glad that the feedback was positive.” She also emphasized how the event affected her. She concluded by saying it “gave her and her line-sister motivation to continue with our programming.”


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